Introducing our Inaugural Three Pillar Faculty Award recognising passionate academics

Introducing our three pillars faculty award |Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

This award recognises the invaluable contribution of our expert teaching staff who embody the spirit of our unique education philosophy, the Three Pillars Approach.

We proudly celebrate the launch of our inaugural Three Pillars Faculty Award. As we celebrate 30 years of a rich legacy at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management at Torrens University Australia (BMIHMS), this award recognises the invaluable contribution of our expert teaching staff who embody the spirit of our unique education philosophy, the Three Pillars Approach. We’re proud to have such talented experts teaching the next generation of hoteliers through our hotel management courses

This prestigious award has traditionally been a way to acknowledge students who display exceptional professional and personal growth, practical skills development, and academic achievement – all key tenets of our Three Pillar Approach.  

Recognising academics is as important as recognising students 

For the first time this year the three pillars philosophy is not only recognized amongst students, but within faculty. Nominations are open four times through the year and feature a different theme each time.  

“At BMIHMS we recognize the value and contribution of our academics, therefore I believe public acknowledgement of their achievements through the Three Pillars Award cements the School’s commitment to teaching excellence” said Associate Professor, Simon Pawson, Associate Dean of Hospitality. 

We’re thrilled to announce that Mr. Loris Esposto, our incredible Applied Training Coordinator for the Master’s program, has won the Three Pillars Faculty Award for “Providing excellent student experience and customer service, going above and beyond”. Congratulations on this big win! 

 A total of twelve Learning Facilitators, Applied Training Instructors and Success Coaches were nominated by their colleagues across BMIHMS. This is a testament to not only the dedication of the teaching staff to students, but also the culture of mutual respect and appreciation within the team.  

Here are a few reasons why Loris rose to the top.  

“Loris would do everything in his power to ensure his students have a great learning experience. He would solve a problem before you know it’s there! Both staff and students love his positive energy and his can-do attitude,” said Dr. Emma Wong, Program Director (Postgraduate) 

Loris embodies the spirit of hospitality and consistently works to create the best learning experiences for his students. 

“Loris is a great representation of what a hospitable person is. He passes these values across to the students whether it is in the classroom, at orientation or even in the simplest gestures, in all aspects of his life as an instructor. He puts his students’ experience first and pours out his best in creating outstanding experiences.” Said Dr. Cindy Lee, Senior Learning Facilitator. 

Going the extra mile for students  

But what does it mean to create an excellent student experience and go the extra mile for students? Loris believes that the foundation to create an excellent student experience is to believe in and be proud of the product and service that is delivered. 

“I believe our school does an amazing job in developing well-rounded students. For me teaching them the practical skills that make them so easily employable is a key competitive advantage and source of pride.” 

Loris also takes immense pride in nurturing students and growing them to be world-class graduates. 

“Seeing the students’ transformation by the time they finish, some of them starting from zero, and the confidence they’ve built makes me so proud and grateful." 

He attributes his student-centric ethos to his personal background, growing up in Italy. 

“Growing up in Italy and coming together with the family at mealtimes was such a big part of your day, something you look forward to. That is where I learned what hospitality really is. Yes, it is the food, the wine, but it is much more than that.” 

It was in this environment that Loris grew to understand and love the spirit of hospitality. 

“It is the experience of coming together and making people feel cared for. It therefore comes naturally to me to see the students as my guests. I feel grateful to have them there and give them the best experience”. 

Loris acknowledges that these learning experiences are not a one-way stream, but they are co-created. He recognises that it’s just as valuable for him to lean into what his students say. 

“Listening to the students’ feedback is just as important as listening to guests’ feedback in a hotel. They are not just learning from me, I learn every day from them too”. 

It is important to find a personalized approach for every student  

When asked to explain how he creates these exceptional student experiences, Loris mentions anticipating students’ needs, empathy, and personalised interaction as his key strategies.  

“I try to be empathetic with them and predict what their needs are. I want to make their experience better, whether in the classroom or online. Some students have hospitality in their DNA and it comes naturally to them to engage and participate. Some others are quieter, so I change my approach with them and try to push them out of their comfort zone to give everyone a chance.” 

Providing meaningful student experiences is about small gestures that help students reflect and translate hospitable attitudes, skills and behaviours into their careers.  

“Sometimes when the classroom is hot or stuffy I ask the students if they would like a glass of water before class. It sounds silly but the intent is to make them feel welcomed and important.” 

By modelling these soft skills of knowing how to connect with your guest, how to problem solve, Loris teaches his students the key skills they need to succeed. 

 “I hope that experiencing what warm hospitality is, through receiving this attention and these small gestures, encourages students to translate hospitableness in creating one day memorable experiences for their guests. I want them to remember one day how these small gestures have made them feel and recognise that it does not take much to make someone feel special.”  

Celebrating Loris’ contributions in creating exceptional student experiences reflects the role of instructors, lecturers, success coaches in instilling students with the fundamental values underpinning hospitality and hospitableness. This facilitates the development of students who are both academically strong and technically skilled, as well as truly hospitable individuals and professionals.  

With the various BMIHMS research and scholarship projects conducted to investigate how hospitableness and empathy can be taught in the classroom, whether physical or virtual, one thing seems to stand out from Loris’ words: it is all in the little things. 

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