5 Networking tips for Health professionals

5 Tips for Health Networking

Whether you’re self-employed, working in a medical facility or just exploring your options in the Health field, networking is a great way of expanding your professional contacts, and crucially, your opportunities.

We've collated 5 networking tips for Health professionals (or Health professionals-to-be)

Attend conferences and other events for health professionals

Regardless of which stage of your career is at, attending a conference can help you get on the radar of the right people and will help you reach the next step on the ladder. Get those business cards at the ready, because you'll want to impress when you meet relevant people!

If conferences are too expensive for you, you can speak to your employer about the possibility of attending on their behalf. Also, don't forget that you can most likely claim the cost of a work-related conference on your taxes - speak to a qualified accountant or visit the ATO website to check your individual circumstances. You can often find smaller networking events online, either free or at a low cost.

Maintain an active social media presence

Positioning yourself as an influencer in your particular space is an excellent way of making connections and ensuring that you are viewed as an expert in your particular field. When we think of 'influencers" we often think of carefree young people travelling the world in the latest fashions, but there's so much more scope as to what an influencer can actually be.
If you maintain an active social media presence on professional networks (but equally, on platforms like Instagram as well), you can portray your expertise to your followers. Never underestimate the value of keeping on top of the latest trends and continuing your education in order to be perceived as a leader. This is a great way of networking - it catches the eye of the people who need to see it most.

Keep your existing contacts

When you move on from your job or your course, the worst thing that you can do is burn your bridges. Aim to stay in touch with previous colleagues, because they can actually help you get to where you need to go. There's no harm checking in to see if they know of any potential opportunities that you may be able to seize- but you can only do this if you leave them on good terms!

Join Health care professional groups

Not confident meeting people in real life? There are plenty of professional groups that you can become a member of depending on your specialism. You can scope them out online, and benefit from opportunities being emailed or otherwise referred to you. Of course, they may have their own events you can attend and tips for furthering your education and career prospects.

Start networking early

If you're a recent graduate, currently a student or you're considering enrolling, it's never too early to start on the networking hustle. It can be a bit daunting at first, but most universities will actually offer you opportunities to network while you're there. Start small - speak to your tutors and other students. You may well find they have tips and opportunities you wouldn't otherwise know of.

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