The importance of effective communication in the workplace

effective communication in the workplace

Effective workplace communication is one of the most important ‘smart skills’ you can equip yourself with. Whether you’re an employee, a manager or an executive, improving communication skills in the workplace will help you with many aspects of your career – and make you more in-demand within the industry.

There are four key facets of effective communication in the workplace: oral communication, written communication, listening skills and public speaking. Regardless of your role within your organisation, each one is a valuable skill and working to enhance them will improve your interpersonal communication in the workplace. 

Important communication smart skills in the workplace

Oral communication includes any conversations you have at work, from watercooler discussions to meetings. It’s the form of communication we use the most, so it’s important to be aware of your own personal speaking style in various situations. 

Written workplace communication encompasses any written words relating to your work – including emails and memos. Even if your role has nothing to do with writing, most jobs require at least some degree of written communication skills – especially with increased remote work – so it’s good to be confident with appropriate writing standards. 


Listening skills are vital for good communication in the workplace at any level of an organisation, whether you need to understand the scope of a project or hear the concerns of employees. To improve your listening skills, it helps to practise active listening, with total focus on the speaker.

Public speaking requires a different suite of skills to oral communication, particularly a certain level of confidence for speaking in front of a group. It’s essential for many careers, as it is required for everything from job interviews to presentations. Although public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everyone, it’s possible to develop the skills and confidence necessary with a bit of practice.

Improving communication skills in the workplace

While most people have a certain natural level of communication skills, there are various ways you can enhance your existing abilities. You can make efforts to engage with more active listening, you can take on public speaking challenges such as Toastmasters or you can enrol in a short course designed specifically to target workplace communication skills. For example, Torrens University’s Interpersonal and Workplace Essentials Digital Badge has been created to teach you those specific skills in a convenient online format.

There are many reasons for improving your communication skills in the workplace, ranging from having better interpersonal experiences to enhancing your productivity – and having effective communication skills will make you a more in-demand team member. 

At a very basic level, good communication in the workplace improves engagement and morale, reduces absenteeism and decreases the risk of accidents and injuries


Improving communication in the workplace also helps reduce workplace conflicts, which are often caused by simple miscommunication. The ability to communicate clearly with others in your organisation can help maintain a positive work environment; communicating with others about what you need from them and listening to what they need from you will help ensure mutual respect and keep everyone happy. 

Interpersonal and Workplace Essentials Digital Badge

Effective communication skills in the workplace are some of the most important of all the soft skills and they are valuable in any role in any industry. If you’d like to develop or enhance your own workplace communication skills, look at our Interpersonal and Workplace Essentials course. 

This Digital Badge is designed to give you the insight and tools needed for effective communication in the workplace. You’ll develop skills that will allow you to thrive as part of a team, covering topics such as advanced communication techniques and how to have difficult conversations. It’s also endorsed by international luxury hotel brand Ovolo, so you know the content and quality has been approved by an industry-leading organisation. 

The self-guided online course takes just six to 12 hours to complete, and will earn you a verifiable sharable digital badge that shows you’ve acquired the essential qualities to work effectively and efficiently with others.

Enrol now or find out more about the Interpersonal and Workplace Essentials Digital Badge.

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