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At Torrens University Australia, we take a strengths-based approach to teaching. While the ATAR is a reasonable indication of your performance, this number doesn’t necessarily recognise your hard work or the areas where you really shine. We believe your individuality and potential is a better sign of how you might succeed in higher education.

There are so many other ways to achieve your university dreams, and we're here to help. Reach out to one of our Course and Career Advisors

At Torrens University Australia, we know everyone’s different. Our job is to help YOU discover a degree you’re passionate about.

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Our Courses

Torrens University offers courses in a variety of different fields to help you land the career you love. See here for list of courses

Course Atar
Bachelor of Commerce NO ATAR **
Bachelor of Business NO ATAR *
Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) NO ATAR *
Bachelor of Business (Event Management) NO ATAR *
Bachelor of Business (Marketing) NO ATAR *
Diploma of Business NO ATAR *
Diploma of Event Management NO ATAR *
Diploma of Marketing NO ATAR *
*completion of Year 12 or equivalent

**Completion of Australian secondary studies with a Pass in Year 12 General Mathematics (or above)
Course Atar
Bachelor of Nursing 60

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Frequently Asked Questions


Torrens University Australia no longer considers ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) as our primary entry requirement. We have removed ATAR as the key admissions criteria for applicants aiming to study at Torrens University Australia. We strongly believed an alternative to the ATAR system should be found, which more broadly assesses students, especially when soft skills are emerging as important employability attributes. So, students with a recent secondary school education are now considered for admission if they have a Year 12 (Australian secondary school) certificate.

Applying is easy and can be done online. https://apply.torrens.edu.au If you have any difficulty please contact a Course and Career Adviser who are able to talk through the process. ALL SA/SACE and Victorian high school students must apply through SATAC and/or VTAC. Search for Torrens University or Billy Blue/Blue Mountains/William Blue at Torrens University in NSW (UAC) and Victoria (VTAC).

All faculties of Torrens University offer scholarships. You have nothing to lose by applying for a scholarship and everything to gain. Go online to view the opportunities available to school leavers. Scholarships vary between courses and faculties. Remember we don't just look at your academic record, we want to know what makes you unique; eg activities, leadership skills, hobbies. Good luck!

Visit our website for a full list of tuition fees. Remember your fees can be covered by FEE-HELP see FAQ #6.

Yes, all Torrens University Australia courses have access to the government support program FEE-HELP. FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee-paying students pay all or part of their tuition fees. It cannot be used for additional study costs such as accommodation or text books. Effectively, the government provides a loan which you can repay once you start earning above a certain income threshold.

To be eligible for FEE-HELP you need to be:

  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and
  • have a tax-file number.
More information: https://www.studyassist.gov.au/help-loans-and-csps/fee-help.


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Entry pathways

Students with a recent Australian Year 12 certificate will be considered for admission. In addition, diploma courses can provide direct entry into bachelor degrees. For Design and Creative Technology degrees, creative portfolios are considered. For other courses, we conduct student interviews.

Year 12 certificate

Students with a recent secondary school education who have an Australian Year 12 certificate will be considered for admission.


Torrens University offers a wide variety of diploma courses which provide a pathway to completion of bachelor degrees.


At Torrens University, experience, talent and drive counts. That’s why we consider creative portfolios for entry into our Design and Creative Technology degrees or conduct student interviews for entry into other Bachelors.

Industry relationships

We want to make sure you are ready for work even before graduation. Often this means working on real briefs for real companies, getting you the experience needed. Torrens University partners with many different companies to ensure you become as well-connected to the industry as we are.

View all partners

Studying at Torrens

With a range of campuses across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, you have the option to study online or on campus - the choice is yours.


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Flexible learning online, on campus or both



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Get better access to your teacher and other students in your classes


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Our first class campus facilities allow flexibility to study wherever and whenever is good for you.


Pathway into the career you deserve!

"The pathways option with Torrens really enabled me to take on tertiary education and then to leverage the success and the Diploma to continue on with the Bachelor."

Paul Grainger, Bachelor of Business Marketing Student


Vogue Australia x Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia

"Billy Blue has allowed me to form close relationships and connections with my lecturers and with people who I have met in the industry."

Talia Haber, Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Student


Study Health at Torrens University Australia

"We have a clinical, practical component, which includes all of our students going into our fully functioning clinic and it gives them great, hands-on practical experience."

Georgia Bellas, Pyrmont Campus Director


Pathway into a course you love

“The lecturers are easily approachable, we have students services, counsellor on campus, our Success Coaches. There’s always help.”

Lauren Coulter, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Student


Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) at Torrens University

“The international qualification that I have here, I can go anywhere around the world to work in hotels.”

Mirra Radjaradjane, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management) Student

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