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We believe that university success begins at school and we want to help you support your teen through this vital stage of life. You’re here because you care, and so do we. With resources, advice and information, we’ve got everything you need to guide your teen towards the right course and university for them.
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Parental support for Year 12 students

Year 12 is where the rubber really hits the road. The HSC exams and the resultant ATAR will be front of mind for your teen, and they will find themselves under academic pressure. About half a student’s HSC mark comes from assessments throughout the year, so your teen will need to stay on top of their syllabus and manage their time well from day one. Make sure they’re taking care of themselves by eating well, sleeping enough and getting regular exercise.

If they are planning to attend university and they already know what they want to study, they may have the opportunity to apply for early entry. They can explore and select university preferences through Tertiary Admissions Centres. If your teen wants to go to university, they are likely to get a place so encourage them not to stress about their ATAR. The key challenge for your teen is to pick a course that will lead them towards their long-term goals; the challenge for you is to support them in their decision without influencing them with your own opinions.

Parental support for Year 11 students

Year 11 is a big step up from Year 10. This is the first year of the Stage 6 syllabus, the Preliminary HSC year, when students begin their study of the subjects they will sit for the HSC. Year 11 is only three terms, to allow students to begin Year 12 and their formal HSC study in October.

Your teen should expect an increased workload, and they will need to start managing their own time. This can be stressful for young people who have never had this kind of autonomy before, and they will likely need some guidance here. They also have the option of dropping subjects at the end of the year, so be prepared to discuss the pros and cons of this with them.

Parental support for Year 10 students

Year 10 is an important time for your teenager as this is the year they start to choose their own subjects and narrow their focus. If your teen knows what they want to do when they graduate then this will likely be an easy process. However, the majority of teenagers still aren’t sure at this stage.

That’s fine, don’t let it send them into a tailspin. Our advice is that they pick subjects they enjoy or are passionate about – following passion in school or work makes it easier to succeed. Check out our Year 10 course guide. It’s not a bad idea to keep options open at this stage by adding a general STEM subject if they’re mostly choosing arts, or vice versa.

Year 10 is also a great time to attend university or career expos. They will likely attend an expo with their school but you may find it useful to attend one with them too.

Parental support for Year 12 students considering a gap year

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to want to take some time out after high school to travel or gain hands-on work experience before returning to formal study. As long as your teen has some plans or goals for their time off, there’s no harm in taking a break from academic endeavours – it can even be beneficial.

Whether you are comfortable with the idea or concerned about the implications, here are some resources to help you support your teen’s decision-making process.

Parental support for Year 12 students considering leaving education

Is your teen coming to the end of Year 12 with no intention of entering tertiary education? That’s perfectly normal – the structure of school doesn’t suit all learning types.

We believe in further education for all, but we recognise that everyone has different learning needs. That’s why we have smaller class sizes, offer short-course options and allow for online, in-person or blended learning.

Don’t feel like your teenager is irrevocably closing doors by not going straight to university. We also provide pathways for people who are past school leaving age to re-enter education, giving your teen options further down the road.


Find everything you need to know about your study options through our range of events and workshops.

University selection and
application process

This section will help you support your school leaver as they navigate university selection and application. The system can feel overwhelming but this handy infographic will guide you step by step through the process.

Why Torrens University is a great choice for your high school leaver

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Industry-led learning

All our courses and degrees are informed by current and future industry demands, to prepare your teen for success in their career.

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Work experience opportunities

We offer opportunities for work placements, internships and student-led enterprises, ensuring your teen graduates with an edge.

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Success coaches

A dedicated Success Coach will act as a mentor for your teen, guiding them through study, university life and beyond.

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Flexible learning environment

With options to study full time or part time and online, on campus or a blend of both, our students make study work for them.

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