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This is your chance to get more out of your degree. Scholarships are designed to help and support high achieving individuals to achieve great success in their careers. Get more out of your qualification.

Apply for a scholarship and join a college that believes its students and graduates are improving lives and making the world a better place.


Scholarship recipients receive:

  • 20% reduction on course fees

Application Criteria

  • Academic Drive: Must be able to show a dedication to their academic studies, and/or passion for studying in order to satisfy the judging panel that they will persevere with their course and not withdraw, change course or change education providers.
  • Community Minded: Must demonstrate a willingness to get involved, be proactive and a personable attitude through a history of volunteer or community work.
  • Industry Passion: Must display a passion for their chosen industry
  • Australian citizen/resident: This scholarship is only eligible to students who meet citizenship


How to Apply

Our scholarships are open to high achieving students who are passionate about their field of study. To apply, fill out the submission form with all your details.   Submission deadline is 1 week prior to main intake start date. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

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