Being a business scholarship student is something to be proud of!

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Did you know we have a range of business scholarships available for undergraduate and postgraduate students starting uni in Trimester 1 2019, including domestic school leaver and alumni scholarships.

Applying for a scholarship can be a daunting process for many a student, but here’s 3 reasons aside from financial support, why you should apply for, and be proud to receive a business scholarship.

1. Represent the University as a Student Ambassador
As a scholarship student you have the opportunity to become a student ambassador, this allows you to get involved in events such as Open Day’s, Careers Expo’s and marketing campaigns. The role of student ambassador provides you with the opportunity to support and encourage others who are in the same position you were once in and share your positive experience.You also become part of the Student Representative Council (SRC). SRC members are a voice for the students, they offer mentor sessions to talk with fellow students on campus, or online, about any issues they may be facing. The SRC is responsible for ensuring that student concerns are raised with the uni and that all students feel supported. The SRC are involved in coordinating and hosting events on campus, including charity events, which bring students together to raise money for NFP organisations, and encourage social connections among students. This is a fun and exciting way to be involved in the uni, while also strengthening your own management skills.

2. Be rewarded with exciting Networking opportunities

Scholarship students are highly regarded by employers and members of the uni, opening up unique opportunities to connect with employers within the industry, as well as establish and maintain solid relationships with lecturers and career advisers, who offer their support by advocating for you to their connections outside of the uni. This provides students with the opportunity to increase your industry portfolio, and build your networks for your career.

3. Enjoy a dedicated Support Group

Starting University can be challenging, we often feel anxious over something unfamiliar or new. However, you will be joined by other scholarship students giving you the chance to form friendships. Members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) will become your motivation, reinforcement and support throughout your studies.


A significant benefit of receiving a scholarship is also the financial support you gain through your degree. Our business scholarships can assist in reducing your financial pressure while studying, allowing you to focus on your industry networking, full-time work, or family. We 100% support a healthy work-life balance, and want to provide you the right pathways to leverage your creative talents, enabling you to allocate more time and effort to building and succeeding in your career.

Find the right scholarship for you:
-Domestic School Leaver Scholarship application
-25% Alumni Scholarship



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