Best places to study in Sydney

Study setup at Surry Hills

Sydney, renowned for its pristine beaches, bustling cafes, and beautiful libraries, truly has something for everyone.

Why not combine exploration with productivity by studying amid the city's offerings? Whether you're situated in Surry Hills or Ultimo as a Torrens University student, we've handpicked top-notch study spots close to both campuses. From serene libraries to lively cafes, our picks provide varied settings to suit your study style.

State Library of NSW

The State Library of NSW is arguably Sydney’s biggest, best and most iconic public library and is a must-visit. You’ll find ample space amidst the towering array of bookshelves, but get there early as it’s a popular spot for students! We’d recommend visiting The Library Bar’s iconic rooftop while you’re there.

Green Square Library

Recommended by Torrens University students Isabella and Liza, the Green Square Library in Zetland is worth checking out for its intriguing design and tranquil atmosphere. If you stick around late enough, you can catch the entertainment at the attached Bar Noun, where on some nights they have live music and salsa dancing.

Darling Square Library

Nestled in the vibrant precinct of Darling Square, the Darling Square Library offers students a modern and inspiring study environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources.

Surry Hills cafe

Surry Hills campus is located in the tech and media hub of Surry Hills. The local cafés are frequented by tech and media professionals, so it serves the double purpose of being a networking opportunity. You never know who you might meet!

The Balkan Butler

The Balkan Butler is a favourite amongst students & staff alike, directly opposite campus. Try their burek and kebapi rolls!

Sample is lauded amongst coffee critics for great quality roasts and friendly staff. Most of the seats at Sample are outdoors, so it’s great for a sunny day.

Paramount Coffee Project

If you’re up for a walk, the Paramount Coffee Project has an eye-catching minimalist design and serves quality coffee. It’s more

Ultimo campus is situated only a 7-minute walk away from the foodie hub of Glebe Point Road, where you’ll find plenty of cafés serving incredible coffee and food. It’s a favourite for Sydney locals and students alike!

Stitch Coffee

Stitch Coffee is a bright café with a beautiful interior design, just opposite the nearby Broadway shopping centre.

The Wedge

Situated on Glebe Point Road, The Wedge has a modern feel and a wide-open window great for people watching as you study.

Sappho Café

One for the bookworms, Sappho Café is known for its bookstore and great food at the café out the back. It's also situated on Glebe Point Road.

Prince Alfred Park pool

This local pool is a 5-minute walk from the Surry Hills campus. Please note, that there is a fee to access the Prince Alfred Park pool (a concession fee is available for student cardholders).

Victoria Park pool

The Victoria Park pool is right on the doorstep of the Ultimo campus, just 5 minutes walk away! Please note, that there is a fee to access the pool (a concession fee is available for student card holders).

Bondi and Coogee Beach

These iconic Sydney beaches are the easiest to access via public transport from Central Station, offering sand, grass and tables for you to set up at. These beaches also have many cafes and restaurants nearby if you want a more traditional set-up for your study session.

Our Surry Hills and Ultimo campuses are always there for you to access with plenty of spaces available for you to set up shop. We have an on-site café for you to visit to refuel during class or a study session, or you can visit one of our other recommendations for a change of scenery!

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