Now Reading: Daniel Morris: What it Means to be a Student Ambassador at Torrens University Australia

Daniel Morris: What it Means to be a Torrens Student Ambassador

Daniel Morris: What it Means to be a Student Ambassador at Torrens University Australia

When you enrol in a course at Torrens University Australia, you’re signing up for more than study.

There are lots of different opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and demonstrate their talents. One of these is the ‘Student Ambassador’ role.

What does being a Student Ambassador actually involve?

Let’s find out, from Daniel Morris.

Daniel grew up in Sydney, in the green and coastal Sutherland Shire area. He came to Torrens University straight from school, to study a Bachelor of Business (Event Management).

“My passions in my life are watching my favourite sports teams and players (Sydney Roosters, Scott McLaughlin and Daniel Ricciardo). I also love competing in triathlons with my friends, and racing against my dad.” – Daniel Morris

He’s now in his second year and is enjoying his course, as well as the social life that comes along with it.

With this bachelor, Daniel is learning everything he needs to know so he can turn event concepts into reality, including: marketing and public relations, event policy, strategy, logistics and risk, consumer behaviour, applied finance and business law.

“I chose this course because I’ve always had an interest in organising events, and bringing people together for memorable experiences. I enjoy my study because I’m doing a course that I love and have a passion for.

Torrens provides an enjoyable environment to learn, and enhances your experience as a student. Having great friends around you, studying the same course, makes it very interesting. We challenge each other and we all have fun.”

University Open Day

Being a Student Ambassador means that you represent Torrens in your own capacity as a student and at public events.

It’s a big responsibility. There are two big parts to this role. Firstly, you’re expected to set a good example and do well in your studies. That means working hard, and managing your time properly.

“Juggling studies with a couple of part-time jobs and a social life can be challenging. One way I have learnt to overcome the busy weeks is to set out a calendar, but I try to make sure I fit in time to work, and enjoy having out with my friends.”

Secondly, you play an active role in the community, act as a spokesperson and represent Torrens University at events.

That’s a great experience for someone studying Events Management!

“Being a student ambassador means that you represent the university at open days, orientation days, information evenings, school visits and career expos. In this role, you increase people’s awareness of the university, and tell them about your experiences.

Student Ambassadors are given opportunities to stand out and essentially be one of many faces of the university. It means a lot, as I’m representing the university, on or off campus, which is something I enjoy doing.”

Daniel has a bright career ahead of him. Now that he’s developing this skill set, he hopes to combine both his passions for sports and events management together one day.

Why study at Torrens University

“I hope to be a sports event manger, and eventually transition into sports operations. Sport is a major part of my life, and I want to be involved in it. I want to enjoy the passion I feel for this industry right now, on into the later years of my career.

I feel like giving back is a part of me. So, I hope that by spreading the word of Torrens University and helping out Torrens students I’m doing something good.”

With all the hard work you put in, we’re sure you’ll do great, Daniel!

Find out more about the  Bachelor of Business (Event Management). Or, see here for more information on our other business courses.

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