Now Reading: Here’s how our Sports Management courses help dreams come true

Here’s how our Sports Management courses help dreams come true

Whether it’s football, soccer, rugby or anything else, a passion for sport need not just be for your spare time. A career in Sports Management can be incredibly rewarding and land you deep in the heart of your favourite industry.

What do our Sports Management courses entail?

We have four different Sports Management courses here at Torrens University Australia. Depending on your level of prior experience and certain other factors, you can either study:


There are many key study outcomes associated with our Sports Management courses. This may include applying current business theories to the industry, considering ethics and socio-cultural issues. You’ll learn about using various types of business software, as well as how to analyse data and identify business opportunities. Our courses take a holistic approach, so you’ll be asked to complete many hours of practical work placement.

We offer incredible work experience opportunities

As part of our Sports Management courses, you’ll undertake work experience placements at some of the most reputable sporting clubs and companies in Australia. If you’re really lucky, you may even have the opportunity to go to Spain to try your hand behind at Real Madrid Graduate School (Universidad Europea). We have a long-standing partnership with them and send students from the MBA (Sports Management) each year to work in different areas of operations.

You’ll be in a great position for any job

Throughout the course of your studies, you’ll have the chance to learn many different aspects of Sports Management, so you’ll be able to go in any direction that you’d like to take your career. For example, perhaps you could focus your career on managing risk or working specifically with sports in developing communities. Thanks to our ties, you’ll also be able to network with some top names in the business to get on the right employers’ radars.

Want to apply?

If you’re interested in applying for any of our Sports Management courses, click here to speak to a Course and Careers Advisor.

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