Now Reading: When Business Gets Smart: The Information Systems Revolution

When Business Gets Smart: The Information Systems Revolution

When Business Gets Smart: The Information Systems Revolution

Master of Business Information Systems, discover Torrens new revolutionary course and why this university lecturer says it’s essential.

Last year, the Economist magazine announced to the world that the most valuable global resource was no longer oil, but data.

The 20th Century became known as the information age, but the 21st Century will be the hyper-information age. Never before have systems for the management, storing, sharing and analysing of information been so important.

Meet Justin Pierce, the Business Program Director and MBA Lecturer at Torrens University. He has recently developed a new course: Masters of Business Information Systems.

“My role is Program Director for the MBA and recently for the Master of Business Information Systems suite of courses. This means I have overall accountability for the learning and teaching aspects of those courses. I work very closely with teaching and administrative staff to make the course truly fantastic!”

The course brings Information Systems and Business together, into one total 21st-century skill set package that’s never before existed.

You may be asking, ‘But isn’t knowing how to develop and manage an information system totally different from learning to run a business?’

In the past, you’d be right – but not anymore. These days, understanding how information systems work can literally make or break a company. Analytics of customer data built online giant Amazon into what it is today. On the other hand, a massive IT failure brought down the CEO of TSB and cost the company millions, just two weeks ago.

Having an innovative, clever, and well-functioning information system can give your business the competitive edge to stay afloat in a world where everyone has literal warehouses full of data to manage.

“In Australia, and the broader world more generally, firms are always looking for more efficiency. Technology is fantastic when it has a general direction and it is business (or, more purely, economics) that gives technology its purpose, and its ability to realise its value.  In short, if we can solve business problems with technology, we have a purpose for using technology. If we don’t, we have a toy!” 

The Master of Business Information Systems was developed in response to the challenges of the hyper-information age. With subjects spanning data management, systems analysis design, cloud-based, ethical decision-making, and strategic planning, the MBIS aims to produce a new type of IT whizz – a digital genius/power boss with a creative edge.

“In the information technology space, the gradual growth of literacy in this space (as well as the growth of usability of systems and the outsourcing of IT functions) has meant that companies are looking for multi-skilled staff. Therefore, people who present with both a business and an IT acumen are very valuable.”

The merging of business and IS skill sets is not the only revolution going on in this industry. There’s also been a huge shift in gender representation in the tech education sector and in the IS world at large.

This year, the majority of enrollments in the MBIS at Torrens University are women. 

 “IT is traditionally the domain of men; I guess you could say the dynamics of the industry have changed. It is no longer about the prevailing stereotype: geeky, introverted people with no fashion sense. Instead, it is all about business value, very much about the bottom line. IS is no longer considered a necessary evil, but very much part of the decision-making table.” 

Does Justin have anything to say to anyone thinking of going down the MBIS path?

“Congratulations! You’re one step closer to being turned into a Business IS weapon!” 

See here for more information about the Masters of Business Information Systems at Torrens.

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