6 Health Science careers you can get with a diploma

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Studying a diploma is an excellent way to develop your knowledge in a particular area, without the level of commitment required to study a degree. Our Diploma of Health Science takes less time to study than the Bachelor of Health Science, and is ideal for people already working in the Health field or people hoping to kick-start a new career.

Here are 6 Health Science careers you can get with a diploma - they're very wide-ranging!

1. Care Worker

Our population is aging, and disabilities are becoming all the more common. Unfortunately, there currently aren't enough workers willing to be of assistance to these vulnerable individuals, which is where you and your skills could come in. Thanks to a knowledge of all things Health Science, you could come in very handy when it comes to helping those in society having health troubles.

2. Mental Health Care Worker

One of the most amazing developments in the health field in recent years is the acknowledgement of mental health conditions and the recognition of their importance in society. Those with a Diploma of Health Science could be well placed to work in this growing field.

3. Yoga Instructor

As the Diploma of Health Science focuses on complementary medicine and general wellness, it's not surprising that you could make a successful yoga instructor after completing your studies. Obviously, you will need a background in yoga and the ability to teach, but the diploma can enhance your existing strengths and help you to understand the body as a "whole" - including the food we put into it as well as the exercise that we do.

4. Non-clinical Nutritional Advisor

We've all seen the Instagram pages of people with not a clue of what they're talking about giving out dietary advice left, right and centre. With a Diploma of Health Science, you'll have the foundational knowledge to advise on all things nutrition, and, while not working in a clinical role, you'll be far more qualified to speak out than random people online!

5. Sales or Marketing Representative

Who knows the industry more than someone who's studied it? Get ahead of your peers in the exciting fields of Sales or Marketing by adding a competitive edge. Whether it's the latest health food or a fitness supplement, a thorough understanding of both traditional and complementary medicine will keep you one step ahead of the game.

6. Pharmacy Assistant

Assisting a licenced pharmacist is a big role and it requires someone with a basic knowledge of both traditional and complementary medicine to best suit customers from a variety of cultural backgrounds. While part of this role may appear similar to a retail assistant (operating cash registers and so on), it's actually a really important job which allows you to help others.

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