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9 self-care tips for the holiday season

As Christmas and many other holidays roll around, a lot of us neglect to take care of our health because of the added stress that we’re under. What with buying presents, having a few cheeky drinks after work and indulging in more than a few special meals, it all starts to add up – and that’s before you factor in things like the stress of caring for family or having to take time off work unpaid.
Sometimes it’s important not to put yourself under too much pressure, and just do what you can. Here are 9 self-care tips to see you through the season.

1. Be selfish sometimes
We know – this doesn’t seem to align with the Christmas spirit at all! However, many of us spend so long taking care of others over Christmas that we forget to look after ourselves. Even if you just take five minutes out for a face mask or some meditation, remember it’s okay to put yourself first. After all, it’s hard to help others unless you’re in a good headspace.

2. Prepare some healthy Christmas treats
It’s so easy to over-indulge at Christmas (and let’s face it, we all deserve to), but everything is better in moderation. There are plenty of healthy Christmas treats you can prepare to suit your needs, such as dairy-free, sugar-free or gluten-free.

3. Use spices, not salt
Hosting Christmas dinner this year? Seasoning is oh-so-important, of course. If you’re preparing a classic turkey roast, it can be tempting to overload it with salt. Why not use herbs and spices instead? Try some pepper, rosemary and sage – your guests will thank you for it. Opting for seafood? It’s all about those citrusy flavours – salmon pairs great with lemon and a little dill.

4. Get active
There are so many good movies on around this time of the year, and the on-demand nature of Netflix has only added to the situation. Many of us have finished school or work and that can lead to a lot of sitting around. However, it should be sunny outside! Get out there for a swim, a jog or even a hike with some friends. Wear sunscreen!

5. Limit your alcohol intake
They call it the “silly season” for a reason. Having a few drinks is a rite of passage for a lot of us after a long, hard year – but try and know your limits. Drink water in between each drink, and never drink on an empty stomach.

6. Remove yourself from difficult situations
There’s always that one family member who just LOVES to argue at family gatherings. Whether it’s who you voted for, what you’re wearing or even just whether pineapple goes on pizza, it can be tough for those of us who hate confrontation. Take a deep breath, and walk away. You don’t need to rise to it or let it ruin your day.

7. Stock up on your medications
Over Christmas, many people struggle to see the doctor because the doctor is away. Try and get all your medications in check so that you don’t wake up on Christmas morning in a panic.

8. Be realistic
One of the best self-care strategies out there is to not try and do too much. Honestly… nobody is perfect. Don’t forget to enjoy your time and try not to over-exert yourself physically, mentally or financially.

9. Make some resolutions
Lots of people make some resolutions around this time of year. If you’re passionate about healthy living, why not make it your career? Check out our full range of Health courses here at Torrens University Australia.

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