New Colombo Plan Scholarship Recipients Announced

New Colombo Plan Scholarship Recipients Announced Large

Torrens University student Jade Gabriel has been announced as a recipient of the prestigious New Colombo Plan (NCP) scholarship for 2022.

The New Colombo Plan is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region.

Jade, currently studying a Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design, was one of 125 scholars announced who will study and undertake internships in 22 locations across the Indo-Pacific this year.

“For my NCP program, I will travel to Shanghai in China and study at Raffles Design Institute Shanghai,” she said.

“I chose China as my host location as it has a rich and diverse fashion scene that often gets overlooked, and I am hoping to analyse the fashion, street style scene and manufacturing processes in China.

“This is to gain an elevated understanding of fashion systems in China and how we can apply China’s level of technology and fashion knowledge and bring that to Australia. I am hoping to erase some of the stigma around that is centred around China and its fashion scene.

“For my program, I will begin by undertaking 2 months of full time Mandarin training so I have strong grasp on the language in order to be able to fully immerse myself in the country.

“After completion of my language study, I will undertake 6 months of full-time study at Raffles Design Institute Shanghai to study fashion design and closely analyse the fashion scene.

Jade’s success in securing her New Colombo Plan scholarship is an outstanding example of how Torrens University prepares its students for success in and beyond Australia. One of the key pillars underpinning our approach is the focus on delivery of education without borders to build a global movement of changemakers, learners and alumni with strong industry links.

This is certainly the journey Jade is preparing for.

“After my study component I will travel to Beijing and hopefully intern at Vogue China – in order to compare the relationship between luxury fashion ad street style in China, and how the overall Vogue fashion scene differs from that in Australia. I think it would be very special because the editor of Vogue China is the Australian born Margaret Zhang.

The ultimate goal of the New Colombo Plan is to provide Australian undergraduate students the opportunity to create people-to-people links with the Indo Pacific region. Rising to this opportunity will come naturally to Jade, because of the strong alignment of this goal to Torrens University’s own vision, Connecting The World For Good.

"I also am very excited to undertake my program and see where it takes me in regards to my future career goals!", says Jade.

Through one-year scholarships, mentorships and other components, students are able to gain invaluable professional experience, build cross-cultural competencies and deepen their networks. It enables them to make a huge impact in their future, equipping students to bring positive results to Australia, their community and also to cooperate with the host country.

As the New Colombo Plan initiative enters its ninth year, over 900 scholarships have been provided for young Australians to study, intern and travel in the Indo-Pacific.

The growing group of New Colombo Plan alumni, with direct experience in the Indo-Pacific, will continue to contribute to deepening regional understanding and ties.

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