New Colombo Plan presents fresh opportunities for students


We are pleased to announce that 50 of our students will be able to study and serve internships overseas as 2020 New Colombo Plan scholars.

The lives of 50 Torrens University Students are likely to change forever should they take up an opportunity of a lifetime – to study abroad as part of the Australian Governments New Colombo Plan. 

We are pleased to announce that 50 of our students will be able to study and serve internships overseas as 2020 New Colombo Plan scholars.

The Australia Government’s New Colombo Plan’s Mobility Program supports university undergraduates with study, training and internship opportunities in the region. Its primary objective is to expand and strengthen knowledge of the Indo Pacific in Australia, to enable deeper engagement with the region. In 2020, the Program will support 11,196 undergraduates from 40 Australian Universities.

It was introduced in recognition of the success of the original Colombo Plan, an initiative of the 1950’s. The original Plan brought many students from Asian countries to Australia. They returned to lead politics, science, media, and medicine in their countries while retaining strong influential links with Australia.

Torrens University’s success in this latest round of New Colombo Plan funding highlights our promise and commitment to ensure our students have an international experience. The Mobility Grants for 2020 will fund study and internship placements in China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Mark Falvo, Torren’s University Vice President, International has welcomed the announcement and says that the New Colombo Plan provides a unique opportunity for Torrens University Students to experience studying overseas.

“We encourage our undergraduate students to take the opportunity while they can. As Australia’s truly global university, the internationalisation of our students’ experience is a key part of their journey with Torrens. The cultural experience and immersion will be invaluable for our students studying overseas. So will be the lifelong connections they make while studying in the Indo-Pacific – the region which will always be important to Australia. For Australia, Torrens University and the students themselves, the New Colombo Plan provides great opportunities.” – Mark Falvo , Torren’s University Vice President

Since 2017, over 40 Torrens University have benefited as New Colombo Plan scholars travelling to China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan. They have returned significantly enriched through their experiences of cultural immersion, forging lifelong friendships, and invaluable in-country industry connections – all while receiving credits towards their Torrens Degree.

For Bachelor of Business students Chloe Vanderwal and Maddison Browne who returned from their New Colombo Plan placements in Thailand, the participation in the program has been life-changing.

“It was such a great experience, I would never take it back [for] the world. It taught me new different life skills that I didn’t know before”, Chloe said.

“I believe that in today’s global business world, knowledge of diverse cultures is vital for success,” Maddison said.

“I chose to study abroad so that I could broaden my knowledge and understanding of the world and hopefully improve my intercultural communication skills,” Maddison added.

Torrens University Media Design student James Greentree who completed his placement in Thailand says the experience taught him lessons about the importance of interacting with the unknown.

“You’ve got to be in it. Don’t isolate yourself from the world, your work, the industry and the people in it. You need to be fully immersed in everything to take the most away. It’s a great way to see the world, meet people from all over, broaden your mindset on both design and life, and just have a great experience.” James said.

Student Anny Fodor who is currently on a New Colombo Plan internship at TzuChi Hospital in Taiwan has already provided feedback on her placement to date. The hospital’s delivery of medical services is informed by Buddhist principles.

“I feel incredibly blessed to have access to this particular hospital. I’ve expressed to Nic (Senior Learning facilitator, Torrens University) on a few occasions that I feel this is a very powerful model for healing for the future. We are fortunate to have come into contact at this point in time when they are quite young and the founder is still with us. The sense of compassion and generosity runs through the veins of all that has stemmed from the humble beginnings 50 years ago. Holistic healing on an international scale. Created by people for people, and it keeps getting stronger!” Anny said.

Over the next few months, we will keep you regularly updated on the latest developments and advice on how to make the most of New Colombo Plan opportunities.

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