Research integrity advisors

A network of Research integrity advisors (RIAs) are available to support members of the Torrens University research community. RIAs promote and foster a research culture underpinned by the Torrens University Australia Responsible Conduct of Research (The Code). They can provide advice and guidance on responsible research practices in accordance with The Code, its supporting guides and the Universities research policies, procedures and processes, principally the Torrens University Australia Responsible Research Conduct Policy.

There is an RIA in each of the University Research Centres. However, you do not have to be a member of a Research Centre to seek advice. You can approach any one of the RIAs for support and assistance or contact Research Management Services. RIAs undertake their role in a supportive, respectful and confidential environment to enable discussion of:

  • Responsible Research Practices
  • Concerns about Potential Breaches of the Code
  • The process and information required for reporting a potential breach of the Code and other appropriate pathways to manage concerns

Meet our advisors

Tony Jan
Associate Professor Tony Jan
Director, Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Optimisation (AIRO)
Ros Cameron | Torrens University
Professor Ros Cameron
Centre Director, Centre for Organisational Change and Agility (COCA)
Claire Littleton
Associate Professor Clare Littleton
Deputy Director, Centre for Healthy Sustainable Development (CHSD)
Guest speaker
Professor Craig McLachlan
Centre Director, Centre for Health Futures (CHEF)
Paul Ward | Torrens University
Professor Paul Ward
Centre Director, Centre for Public Health, Equity and Human Flourishing (PHEHF)
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