In late 2016, Laureate Australia established the Torrens Centre of Positive Ageing and Wellbeing. The Centre aims to become a leading Centre of Excellence over the next five years, with a key focus on addressing how societies will be able to achieve and maintain positive ageing and wellbeing for older people, both now and into the future. As a global network, Laureate is in a unique position to engage with this complex question, with the potential to achieve meaningful impact on the lives of older people and their families, wherever they are across the world.

In Australia, the aged care sector is relatively established, however faces challenges in continuing to develop service models and introduce innovative practice in an increasingly consumer driven environment. The Torrens Centre of Positive Ageing and Wellbeing will seek to address some of these challenges. The Vision for the Torrens Centre of Positive Ageing and Wellbeing is to build a national and international profile of excellence in innovative education, training and industry-based research in positive ageing. An approach that works to integrate our program across all Verticals is seen as key to the Centre’s success.

The key objectives for the Centre are to:

  • Develop a suite of aged and disability education programs that allow LA to build scale with quality with a focus on employability;
  • Build robust aged care industry partnerships that allow the co-creation of new flexible education programs and workforce opportunities;
  • Establish international relationships in the AMEA region leading to new educational, business and technological options, both onshore and offshore;
  • Embed education campuses within aged care communities;
  • Create new cross-vertical programs in business, hospitality, education and design that will capitalise on the new opportunities from the “era of ageing”
  • Undertake industry-based research to develop education and business products for the market and Laureate network.

For further information, please contact Rachel Ambagtsheer, Project Director for the Centre or on 0425 177 110

Our research outputs aim to advance knowledge that positively contributes to social justice and wellbeing, improved health outcomes, strong governance systems, economic prosperity and international development.