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Welcome to our Melbourne student-led clinic offering quality, holistic health and wellbeing services at affordable prices.
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About our clinic

The Practice Wellbeing Centre Fitzroy offers a unique and holistic approach to health in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Clinical Myotherapy, and Nutrition under one roof. This is a student-led clinic offering the latest approach and techniques at affordable prices. All sessions are supervised by qualified and experienced practitioners.

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Services available at this clinic

Practice the art of wellbeing

Our philosophy combines health sciences with best practice established over time. We focus on preventative health to help you achieve and maintain optimal wellbeing. If you have a complex health condition, we communicate with your usual health practitioner to ensure your best care.

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Take charge of your health and treat your whole self to a range of health and wellbeing services at The Practice Wellbeing Centre. Book a face-to-face or telehealth consultation today.

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Melbourne Clinic

Nestled in Melbourne’s most diverse neighbourhood, our Fitzroy clinic offers unique learning environments and practical experiences.
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45 Victoria Street,
Fitzroy VIC 3065
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Student stories

Denise Hung
I find comfort in knowing it is a safe space to share my learning experiences and build strong foundations in providing patient-centered care. It is here, students truly become wellbeing practitioners.
Denise Hung
Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine),

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Naturopathy?

    Naturopathy is a system of healthcare based on traditional philosophies and principles. Student practitioners are highly trained over 4 years to take a holistic and individualised approach to healthcare. Your practitioner will take detailed notes about your health problem and lifestyle, and complete a physical exam to assess your physical and mental health. Treatments are tailored to your needs and may incorporate nutritional coaching, herbal medicine, supplementation, lifestyle and exercise advice.

    Your practitioner may also use traditional skills to evaluate your constitutional health via iridology and prescribe flower essence remedies or homoeopathy as part of a holistic health recommendation.

    For more information, see our blog on “What is Naturopathy” /blog/health/naturopathy-explained

  • What is Western Herbal Medicine?

    Western Herbal Medicine practitioners take a holistic approach to health with treatments based on the use of plants as medicine. Our student practitioners blend traditional and health science knowledge to individualise your herbal prescription that may be dispensed as liquid, tablet, capsule, tea or food as medicine. Practitioners provide basic diet and lifestyle advice to optimise health outcomes. Herbal medicines are used to treat a variety of complaints ranging across digestive, skin, stress, sleep, reproductive, musculoskeletal and immune conditions to name a few.

  • What is Nutrition?

    Nutritional medicine is focused toward the prevention and management of a wide range of health conditions. Nutritional Medicine practitioners use a range of dietary and lifestyle modifications and nutritional supplementation therapy and body composition analysis.

    Nutritional Medicine Practitioners draw upon the traditional and evidence-based understandings of utilising food as medicine, along with therapeutic nutritionals; to enable those seeking treatment to manage complex health conditions such as stress, fatigue, digestive disorders, as well as cardiovascular, hormonal and immune concerns.

    Through comprehensive case taking and holistic analysis, our student practitioners are able to tailor dietary & nutritional prescriptions to best suit your individual health goals, incorporating nutritional recommendations and supplementation.

  • Directions and how easy it is to get to the clinic i.e via public transport/parking?

    Fitzroy, Melbs – The campus is readily accessible via public transport including tram, bus and train. 2-hour street parking is also available right outside the campus.

  • What is Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture?

    Chinese Medicine connects mind, body and spirit to restore harmony. Through a range of techniques and remedies including Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Moxibustion and cupping, Dietary therapy and more, Chinese medicine treatments can assist with health issues such as digestion, stress, fatigue, fertility, allergies, and overall long term health.

    Treatments are offered through our SSNT student clinic at Fitzroy, and are highly popular treatments amongst our customers.

  • What is Clinical Myotherapy?
    Clinical Myotherapy is the evidence-based assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. Clinical Myotherapy involves a patient-centered approach to assessment and management of musculoskeletal pain within in biopsychosocial framework involving multidisciplinary care where necessary. Clinical Myotherapists prescribe pain management and rehabilitation regimes that are tailored to individual patient needs. These interventions may include pain education, manual therapies (e.g. massage and mobilization), lifestyle modification and exercise rehabilitation. Our treatments are incredibly popular and delivered at our Melbourne clinic.
  • What is Homeopathy?

    Homeopathy is a traditional naturopathic modality that uses highly diluted preparations of substances to stimulate the body’s healing response to disease.

    Treating each client as an individual, the homeopath will ask in detail about the presenting complaint taking into account lifestyle, eating habits, mental health and medical history. The practitioner takes particular notice of the unique symptom picture of the client as this helps in determining the appropriate homeopathic prescription. Your prescription will be prescribed in low doses in either pillules or drop dose form. Homeopathy is used to treat acute and chronic conditions and is prescribed in conjunction with a full naturopathic consultation.

  • What is Body Composition Analysis?
    Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) measures body composition based on the rate at which an electrical current travels through the body.

    The Practice Wellbeing Centre has Therapeutic Goods Association-approved body composition analysis equipment. This easy-to-use equipment accurately measures body mass index, muscle mass, body fat, hydration levels and other important biomarkers. This testing is most commonly used for clients with a focus on weight loss or gain, obtaining peak physical performance, managing chronic disease risk and managing health proactively.

    Body composition analysis takes just 15 minutes and is best used in conjunction with a full complementary medicine consultation where the practitioner can explain results and help you to achieve your health goals.
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