Next generation of healers and educators inspired by Jules Galloway

Jules Galloway | Torrens University alumni and passionate naturopath_lge

"The world needs more helpers, healers, practitioners, researchers and educators. Never has there been a more important time to serve others."

At the end of June 2021, more than 100 graduates from our Health and Education programs joined their families, friends and lecturers at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to celebrate their graduation.

We were thrilled that Torrens University (Southern School of Natural Therapies) alumni Jules Galloway, shared her journey with our students. Jules’ passion for health and dedication to helping people, particularly women, live their healthiest life, shone through and inspired our students.

A journey to health and wellness

Jules’ journey to health and wellness was by no means an easy one.

“Home life was really tough. After a decade of abuse from my parents I became homeless at 16. I was lacking in stability and support, job opportunities were very limited for someone like me. I became a dancer in strip clubs… and later a show girl… In my spare time I was a rave party DJ,” Jules said.

“One day after a party, I got so sick that the epiphany came... I wanted so much to help others, to turn their health around too, that I went back to college to become a naturopath.”

After landing a corporate naturopathy job – ‘the bees’ knees of jobs’ – the long hours and pressure began to take its toll.

“I was taking loads of herbs and supplements so I thought I was totally healthy but I was living on takeaway food and my stress hormones were through the roof. I burned out in spectacular fashion,” she shared.

“I moved to Byron Bay to recover. This time it was not about taking pills and potions – it was about healthy food, fitness, meditation and a slower lifestyle. I realised that I needed to teach this to other women that were also facing burnout.”

Be authentic, unapologetic, be yourself

At first, Jules was daunted at the prospect of seeing clients. Wouldn’t they prefer to see someone with more experience? But in the end, it came down to one important factor – human connection.

“What really makes you a good practitioner? ..... It’s the thing that makes you, you,” said Jules.

“Maybe it’s your compassion, maybe it’s your ability not to judge others when they make poor food and lifestyle choices… maybe it’s your beautiful traditional family recipes… maybe it’s your ability to bring people together as a community….”

Jules urged our graduates to be brave enough to tell their story – to be authentically and unapologetically themselves.

“Never underestimate the gifts you can bring to your profession and never underestimate the impact you can have. But you need to be courageous to get it out there.

“The world needs more helpers, healers, practitioners, researchers and educators. Never has there been a more important time to serve others,” Jules said.

It was such an inspiring and meaningful address and an incredible way for our graduands to mark the start of their careers as healers, helpers, practitioners, researchers and educators.

You can hear Jules’ full address to our students here.

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