Billy Blue INTRO launches our graduates to the world

Billy Blue INTRO launches our graduates to the world | Torrens University Australia | Billy Blue College of Design

This September Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia showcased their graduates’ portfolios at the online INTRO 2020 Graduate Exhibition.

The virtual platform optimised industry exposure throughout Australia and across the globe and provided a wider scope where connections were seeded as graduates connected with industry, and congratulated each other, in the online chat.

INTRO 2020 is a living breathing talent directory which was launched with a hugely successful broadcast September 4 attracting a whopping 1300+ viewers including people from as far and wide as Indonesia, Sweden, UK, India, Czech Republic, Germany and, of course, Australia.

A quick recap of the night:

185 graduates participated with their work

1300+ people visited the website

250+ people joined our chat

2200+ viewed the live event

Facebook – BBCD – 787 Views / TUA 1.5K Views

11100 unique views on on the night

Professionally INTRO offers that vital connection and bridge from student to industry and industry to student and provides a home for our graduates to network over the next 12 months and beyond.

INTRO is a “rich repository of talent. I have already been able to share the link with prospective employers. We can’t go back now. Virtual INTRO is here to stay!” said Robyn Latimer, Associate Dean Design and Creative Technologies.

Be Bold Branded Fashion award winner Rhiannon Daly said she was “excited to explore, I felt a re-energised thirst of inspiration and a push to keep going and a real sense of connection to the greater community.

Guest speakers Fredrik Öst, Founder & Creative Director of SNASK in Sweden, and Frankie Ratford from The Design Kids, shared some of their tips and tricks of the trade with our students and graduates.

Snask and The Design Kids were generous with authentic and practical advice on how to interact with and network within a global design community. “While they may on the surface appear irreverent they have bonafide credentials and success based on their abilities, and commitment to their careers,” Robyn adds.

Dr Mieke Leppens – Dean of Design and Creative Technology said this is a case of practising what we preach. “It’s so dense with tremendous reach and will be an historical marker for our graduates’ work this year and moving forward we’ll be able to witness the evolution of BBCD.”

The virtual exhibition exceeded expectations. “It was exciting, interactive, engaging and friendly,” said Robyn Latimer praising the platform for the opportunity to delve deeper through links to student work and profiles should you wish to explore and connect directly.

The virtual graduate showcase held a silver lining surprise response to the pandemic. What was usually a campus-based face to face exhibition was transformed into an Australian wide, across campus event with the gift of connection.

“The fact we were all in the same exhibition space nationally was such a bonus – the cross-campus collegial atmosphere reminded us we are part of something bigger. This coupled with beaming in guest speakers from Europe and Australia’s top end exemplified the boundless opportunities and options our students have in their future careers,” said Robyn.

You can watch the live launch in full here, or have a squizz at the highlights here.

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