7 things you learn with a Diploma of Business


What exactly do you learn that you can’t just learn on the job, and how can these skills be applied to your working role? Here are some key things you learn with a Diploma of Business that you should know if you’re trying to decide if it’s the right course for you!

Are you considering studying business, but you’re not sure if you can commit to a full degree?

Not everyone has the time, flexibility or budget to enrol in a full-time course for three years. If you want to learn some extra skills and get further ahead in your career quickly (without letting studies take over your life!), a Diploma of Business might be the ideal choice for you.

But, what exactly do you learn that you can’t just learn on the job, and how can these skills be applied to your working role?

Here are 7 key things you learn with a Diploma of Business that you should know if you’re trying to decide if it’s the right course for you!

1. What Effective Business Communications Look Like

Perhaps you’ve already been in a situation where you’ve had to make a presentation, write a report, or communicate your team’s achievements in a work setting. But, how did you know if the audience was receiving your message, loud and clear? Effective business communication is central to virtually any role in business, but particularly for managers. With a diploma, you will learn ‘Business Communications’, designed to teach you how to make a compelling business case, or to communicate complex information in an engaging and visual way.

2. Customer Journey Mapping and Consumer Behaviour

Although you might have years of experience working in customer service, have you ever tried creating a ‘Customer Journey Map?’ In today’s world of online brand engagement and big data, tracking customer preferences and behaviour is essential to a successful business. That’s a specific skill set, which you don’t just pick up on the job. These topics are all covered under the Customer Experience Management subject at Torrens, which is a core subject of the Diploma.

3. Organisational Culture and Human Relationships in the Workplace

Anyone who has ever worked anywhere understands the value of having good working relationships. If you want to go into any kind of management role, it’s essential to understand how workplace culture affects working relationships, and how that, in turn, affects productivity. With so many workplaces now shifting towards greater diversity, it’s even more crucial to be across this topic. Emotional intelligence and change management are essential skills that you can actually learn through studies. At Torrens, this field forms a core subject titled Understanding People and Organisations.

4. Market Analysis and Big Data

Most business diplomas will include a Marketing Basics or Marketing Fundamentals subject. These subjects will teach you how to identify and evaluate marketing opportunities using data and analysis techniques that you simply won’t learn on the job unless you’ve got a devoted mentor. You’ll also learn about how to develop and adjust the right ‘marketing mix’ for your audience, among other essential marketing skills.

5. How to Design and Manage Projects

Project management is a huge part of practically any senior role in business. When it comes to developing, managing and evaluating projects, there are lots of different approaches you can apply. In your case, would it be best to use a ‘Phased Approach,’ or perhaps, an ‘Incremental Approach’ to your project? You can’t apply any approach unless you know what it is! It’s basically essential to study at least some of the theoretical frameworks and skill sets related to project management if you want to end up in a management position.

6. Accounting and Business Law Basics

There are some aspects of business you absolutely have to study and cannot learn on the job, and law and accounting are two of those. These will be taught within broader business subjects in most diploma courses. Knowing your way around each of these can mean the absolute difference between the success and failure of any business venture.

7. Online Content and Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies and the creation of engaging content is essential to a successful business in the online world. You may think you’ve got a grasp of Instagram, but do you really understand how to most effectively use the tools at your disposal? Learning new strategies and technologies so you can maximise your online impact, can only help your career.

At Torrens, you get to choose from a range of different electives, as part of your diploma. There are a number of different subjects covering the topic of online content and digital marketing on offer. You could study Content Creation for Social Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, or Public Relations.

Complete a Diploma of Business at Torrens in your own time, and get credit towards a degree.

At Torrens, a Diploma of Business can be completed flexibly, online, and in just one year. Plus, it can be credited towards a Bachelor of Business, if you decide to go ahead with a full degree later on. You could save a whole year of a degree in the future!

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