It's never too early to start building a career

Students participating in a career development program

In a highly competitive job-seeking landscape, it’s not enough to finish your studies then start thinking about what you’ll do with your degree. The best way to maximise your career opportunities is simple – start now.

Early career exploration and planning are key to giving you a head-start in your career while studying with us.

“As an international student in Australia, one of my biggest challenges was understanding the Australian job market and recruitment practices,” explains Daniela Vargas, a Master of Business Administration graduate.

Torrens University's career development programs

Luckily, Daniela discovered Torrens University’s contemporary career development programs before she graduated, and through that she stepped straight into a fantastic job.

“The #CareerBuilder program gave me the guidance, tools, and support I needed to apply strategies behind my job search and develop a plan to succeed.

Shortly after finishing the program, I secured multiple interviews with different companies and landed a great Digital Marketing role in line with my career goals,” said Daniela.

Students can now sign up for the four-week #CareerExplorer or #CareerBuilder programs. So, what are these programs all about?

To help Torrens University students kick-off their careers, our Success Coach Team offers our business and hospitality students the chance to participate in innovative new career programs designed to give them a competitive edge.


#CareerExplorer is designed for students who are exploring different career pathway options and need support developing a personal Career Plan.

“I feel genuinely fortunate that I was able to participate in the #CareerExplorer program, as it helped me identify my skills and develop a meaningful Career Plan.

This inspired me to apply for a graduate program with a Big Four consulting firm, and I was successfully shortlisted, which is a fantastic accomplishment for an international student,” said Bridget Stephani Hilarion, a Master of Business Information Systems student.


#CareerBuilder is for students who want to gain industry experience and who need support with developing a professional resume and cover letter, LinkedIn profile and interview skills.

“The #CareerBuilder Program goes beyond building your ‘career toolkit’ (i.e., resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile). You'll gain insights into the recruitment process and what skills employers are looking for, so that you can tailor your applications to get a positive response.

I especially enjoyed the ‘Interview Skills’ workshop, because it was a safe space to practice for upcoming real-life job interviews,” said Rabia Mushtaq, a Master of Business Information Systems student.

Each career development program includes:

  • A series of online interactive workshops with practical activities and group discussions to unpack the key topics.
  • Customised #CareerExplorer and #CareerExplorer apps packed with exclusive access to on-demand video content and self-guided career resources.
  • Social and professional networking in our exclusive Facebook group, where you can connect with your peers,
  • A certificate of completion to add to your resume and professional development portfolio.

But you’re already studying and working. Is it really worth it to add even more to your workload?

Joy Anthony, who is currently studying her MBA online with Torrens University, thinks so. Joy recently completed the #CareerExplorer program and found it really helpful in setting her up for a new career.

“The program filled the gap between where I am in my career and where I want to be, by giving me practical steps on how to progress in my career,” said Joy.

“I found the essential first stage of career planning particularly beneficial because through that I created a career profile to better understand my values, strengths, skills and career interests.

The Success Coach facilitators are also amazing. They relate with the participants from a place of understanding and realness, truly believing that we can reach our full potential in our career path. I would 100% recommend the program, it is worth it.”

This article is co-authored by the creators of these unique and innovative career development programs: Angelique Zakkas and Vaughn Koen.

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