When values align, incredible things happen: student shares her graduation story

Gabrielle Ruth Hopping

A longing to give something back drives Torrens University Australia graduate Gabrielle Ruth Hopping to empower her peers towards the future of their careers.

Gabrielle graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Event Management) on Monday, 2 May, alongside hundreds of students at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

“I hope to leave you with a little of something, something that encourages and inspires you towards the future of your career and learning endeavours,” she says.

In her inspiring address, Gabrielle reflects on studying during the pandemic and the value of industry experience.

“Moving online forced us to connect, collaborate and look outside the box to gain industry experience,” she says.

Gabrielle explains how important it is to live by our values because values guide us in every aspect of our lives.

“When our values align, we can do incredible things, each building on another’s local and global innovation,” she says.

A lifetime learning experience to cherish

Gabrielle takes us through the experience of moving online from face-to-face classes, including some unexpected benefits.

“Moving online forced us to connect, collaborate and look outside the box to gain industry experience,” she says.

She highlights how Torrens University nurtures a global mindset that supports the growth of students.

“I thank Torrens University for nurturing a global mindset in us. Our university looks at growth for both ourselves as individuals and others, [challenging us] to be bold and innovative. This means not just in our approach to operating a business, but our approach to people,” she says.

In her speech, Gabrielle shares that she is influenced by collaboration and connection with people. She says it’s important to think globally in our interactions and not take opportunities for granted. She mentions that everyone’s story is essential, and graduating together is an opportunity to celebrate all graduands’ individual stories.

“Our stories are being written and will be impacted by our family, friends, colleagues, and managers,” she says.

We do business with people and not with companies

Gabrielle reminds her peers of the importance of showing care and connection regardless of the position.

“We do not do business with companies; we do business with people,” she quoted.

Inspired by this quote from Simon Sinek, she asserts that even if we become the CEO, accountants, marketers, hotel managers, event managers, and general managers, we must show respect and care for each other.

“What is business without people?” she asks.

Gabrielle commends Torrens University for providing a platform to find mentors who helped map out her future.

“Every student was paired with a leader in the industry who provided mentorship advice and worked with us to use our skills while also helping us towards our career goals,” she says.

Gabrielle demonstrates our value of begin and end with people and shares a strong message of focusing on people before profit.

She emphasises building on our stories and not taking the opportunity of education for granted.

A massive congratulations to all graduates for reaching this important milestone and joining a global alumni network of more than 40 000 people.


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