Creative agency misfits Snask get brave, bold and real with Ultimo design students

Snask’s Freddie Öst, Founder and Brand Director, and Erik Kockum, Partner and Creative Director at Torrens University Australia's Ultimo campus

Bringing an irreverent approach to brand strategy and design, Snask have regularly challenged the status quo and won fans worldwide as a result.

According to Snask, they are the ‘doctors of disturbance, wizards of disruption and spokesmen of disobedience who assume the responsibility to stay engaged, give a damn, and strive for empathy.’

The creative agency from Stockholm, Sweden, is renowned for their offbeat branding, graphic design, film, motion and photography offerings, as well as never taking themselves too seriously. Just check out their Shower Beer or this little equine beauty – an orchestra playing the tail and mane of an ethereal white horse for Klarna, or curling with a high heeled shoe, to get a feel for their tongue in cheek vibe.

Welcoming the start of Trimester 2 Snask’s Freddie Öst, Founder and Brand Director, and Erik Kockum, Partner and Creative Director, hosted a full house of our Graphic design, Communication Design, Digital Media students at our Ultimo campus in Sydney.

Framed around a series of thought-provoking and provocative statements, Freddie and Erik integrated case studies of their work with advice for students embarking on their creative and professional journeys.

Torrens University Australia Design Students enjoying Snask at Ultimo Campus

Show what you can do, appeal to the narcissist, and reveal yourself

Snask are legendary when it comes to its intern culture regarded for encouraging creative freedom and exploration, with a hearty dose of cheekiness and a whole heap of respect. Check out Snask’s Instagram for a feel into intern life at Snask, and the obligatory tattoo that completes your internship.

Freddie shared his advice when it comes to applying for internships and it all boils down to two things – portfolio and personality. And a third – always massage ego.

“If you’re a creative person looking for a creative job CV doesn’t matter at all. If you apply for an agency that cares a lot about your CV, they obviously don’t have no clue, or it’s boring to work there so don’t even bother about it because it doesn’t make any sense,” adds Freddie who says portfolio is the number one thing that matters.

Erik agreed and advised what to, and what not to include.

“Studying is such a chance to go crazy with your ideas, your expression. Really go there and show what you want to do. That’s way more interesting for us to see in a portfolio than look at this logo that looks like sort of a professional company logo,” said Erik.

It’s actually the best approach to stand out more.

“Don’t try to mimic that, you will set your bar too low,” said Freddie.

“Go crazy, go political. Do a poster campaign for something like men’s violence against women. Put it all over the city, photograph it, put it in your portfolio. There is so much more value. Take that chance.”

Then, it’s all about you.

“Who is this person?” Freddie wants to know.

And finally, he adds: “Write something about us. Everyone is a narcissist.”

If you’re interested in an internship, simply join the 2-year waiting list by emailing ‘George Michael’, their Recruitment Officer, at

Snask's Freddie Öst and Erik Kockum at Torrens University Australia's Ultimo Campus 

Screw imposter syndrome

The creative entrepreneurship ‘how-to’ destroyed myths about being a ‘creative’ and shared a refreshingly honest account on taking risks, making mistakes, failing and reaching international success.

“There is also that insecurity, that imposter syndrome for the first five years in our industry in every meeting we thought ‘Oh soon someone’s going to call our bluff’ and they’re going to realise that we don’t know anything for certain,” said Freddie, who realised after five years no one is certain, and everyone is insecure. “Once you know that, you get out of the imposter syndrome, but it will linger on.”

Our students, thirsty for their idiosyncratic advice, were also challenged to think about their own value system and explore what ‘truths’ they hold to as designers and individuals.

"You have to realise that change is already here. It’s happening whether you like it or not and you just need to embrace it all the time. If you can do that your life will become so much easier, as a professional, in your private life, everything.”

Freddie Öst, Snask Founder and Brand Director at Torrens University Australia's Ultimo Campus 

Tasty unique perspectives from global industry

Nathan Scoular, Academic Director, Industry, Design and Creative Technology at Torrens University Australia, who was the host for the event, said Snask’s appearance on campus was a tangible way to show our connection to international industry.

“The journey our students take is one of collaboration and connection. Whether it be internships, work integrated learning projects, portfolio reviews or industry speaking events, these opportunities are designed to challenge, contextualise and inspire, empowering our students to be creative thinkers, design leaders and innovators," said Nathan.

“The event was also an excellent opportunity to not only inspire our students but to challenge them to think innovatively and be disruptive problem solvers,” said Nathan.

“The Design and Creative Technology Industry Team continually strive to bring value-adding and exciting Industry events for our students to help develop learning, Industry connections and employability outcomes. We really appreciate our Industry partners time, knowledge and support to help our students’ journey. Snask are an amazing Industry partner to work with and we thank them dearly for their continued entertaining wisdom and experiences,” said Dave Kay, Industry Engagement Manager, Design and Creative Technologies.

Connections were made

Swedish student Hanna Amnegard enjoyed getting a behind-the-scenes look at how Snask create and enjoyed mingling after the presentation. Hanna is on exchange from Berghs, our partner school in Stockholm, currently studying with Billy Blue College of Design at Ultimo and connected with Snask at the event organising to catch up back in Stockholm. Diploma of Graphic Design student Joshua Granger drew brilliant portraits of Freddie and Erik which thrilled the guests, (pictured below). 

Joshua Granger | Torrens University Australia Design Student | Snask 

It's official. We’re going steady with Snask

The duo returned to Australia this innings to speak at Semi Permanent in Sydney, a creativity and design festival and made a welcome pit stop at Billy Blue College of Design to offload some cheeky and proven industry advice with our students, before heading home to Sweden. 

Billy Blue College of Design has a long-time love affair with Snask and sharing their unique approach with our students. In the height of the pandemic, Freddie was a headline guest at our online graduate exhibition INTRO 2020.

Torrens University Australia Design Staff with Snask 

Ultimo campus was abuzz. Massive thanks to our Industry Team Dave Kay, Stef How and Suzanne Keating for organising this event. An excellent example of how the design vertical is able to bring students and industry together. 

Thanks also to our Student Representative Council crew and to Alumni Luke Ellicott for capturing the photos, and Abbey Sheather for the video, with some assistance from Christine Kemeny.

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