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Billy Blue College of Design graduates Barbie and Georgie have released their design podcast, Creative Clinks. Subscribe to stay connected and to hear inspirational talks from those in the industry.

Barbie and Georgie are Billy Blue design graduates, who have teamed up to bring you Creative Clinks, a podcast where they chat through the diverse aspects of the design industry, and the impact of creativity on our lives.

Meet your Design podcast hosts

Meet Barbie Payton 

Graduate, Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial)

Barbie is a talented interior designer who we’re super proud of. At our Billy Blue graduate Exhibition INTRO Barbie took out the Torrens University Excellence Award for Interior Design, and more recently awarded 2022 QLD State Winner for the Design Institute of Australia’s GOTYA Interior Design Awards.

Meet Georgie Carberry

Graduate, Bachelor of Communication Design

Georgina is a branding and graphics specialist who loves to push the limits of any brief in order to instigate new, innovative ideas. After graduating she established her own agency, The OG and now services an array of inspirational brands. 

The girls love a good chat and ‘cheers’ the ups and downs of the design industry, while interviewing fellow designers across the broad spectrum of our industry.

If podcasts are the way you love to connect and find inspiration, then hit subscribe to @creativeclinkspodcast. We’ll be working with them to bring you Billy Blue alumni, academics and industry partners from time to time.

Creative Clinks Featured Podcasts

Tune in to Creative Clinks to hear all their episodes.

EP.21 Playing The Competitive Design Game

In this episode, Barbie and Georgie catch up with Cheri Flewell-Smith, a Design and Creative Technology expert and lecturer, to talk about her incredible design career adventure. Georgie had the opportunity to have been taught by Cheri during her days at Billy Blue. Now, as Georgie and Barbie are in the big wide world of design as business owners - are inspired to be hungrier for success than ever before! Listen Now

EP.15 Tips to Emerge into The Design Industry

In this episode, Barbie and Georgie have created the 5 key tips you need to keep in mind when you're hustling into the design industry! They are stupid simple, but EXACTLY what you need to know. Take it from a couple of hustlers who have done the hard yards to establish themselves in the design industry - simple works well! Listen Now

EP.12 Paul Iskov, Connecting Us To Country

In this episode, Barbie and Georgie are taken into the world of flavour with Paul Iskov. He teaches the girls the importance of gathering, connecting with Indigenous people and their traditional flavours. The story of Fervor, and how Paul will bring up his little one with a connection to country - this is one you certainly don't want to miss. Listen Now

EP.11 Getting Real With Barbie

In this episode, it's Barbie's turn to be under the spotlight! We get to know how she really describes herself, how she is confident and motivated in her work and who is coming to her dinner party! Listen Now

EP.10 For The Love Of Butter

In this episode, the girls catch up with the creator of I Love Butter. Sophia Ly is a humble pastry chef who not only established a renowned cafe that brings locals delicious pastry goods and the perfect cuppa but has changed people’s lifestyles with easy at home baking. Get to know her journey as a migrant to Australia, and how she has become a successful businesswoman tantalising the tastebuds of the Lower North Shore. Listen Now.

EP.09 Getting Real With Georgie

In this episode, Barbie thought it was a great idea to get up close and personal with Georgie. We get to some nitty gritty questions and may or may not have some tears shed at the end. Don't worry, Barbie will be next! Listen Now.

EP.02 Finding Your Purpose

In this episode Barbie grounds Georgie while on a tangent for what her purpose is, and Georgie has a moment of wise words that resonate with Barbie and hopefully you too! Listen Now.

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