Path from a student to Creative Director for Legacy Esports

Josiah “Elam” Lind is studying a Bachelor of Communication Design and it excites Billy Blue College of Design to share that he has already landed two dream jobs.

Josiah “Elam” Lind is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication Design, due to graduate in 2020. It excites all of us here at Billy Blue College of Design to share that he has already landed two dream jobs; as the Creative Director for Legacy Esports and as a Designer for META High School Esports. Both are owned by Adelaide Football Club.

“Creating designs for Legacy Esports combines the best of two worlds. I get to work with video games, my favourite pastime, and graphic design, which is my favourite creative medium.” 

We sat down with Josiah to learn more about how he did it – and most importantly, to learn how following your passion leads to good things. 

When asked what made Josiah want to work for META High School Esports, he said the biggest thing was “my passion for video games and esports. There is nothing like sitting in a crowd of thousands of people watching the highest level of a game being put on, displayed by the world’s best”.  

He got the role in “a bit of an unorthodox way, due to the fact that five years ago having a ‘job in esports’ was nothing but a pipe dream or crazy talk”. Josiah originally started out by working towards becoming a professional player himself and used designing and as a way to escape the stress of it. He started creating designs for a few professional players, in particular, An “Minkywhale” Trinh and Bryce “EGym” Paul, who at the time played for Legacy Esports. Josiah continued to build his relationship with the two of them and eventually landed his job.

meta high school e-sports

Josiah went on to state that studying Communication and Graphic Design at Billy Blue has helped him at work and he is constantly applying his knowledge. 

“Before coming to Billy Blue, I simply knew the fastest way to get from point A to point B when using the Adobe Creative Suite. However, having studied, I now understand a proper thought process along with a variety of processes I can take, each with its own pros and cons.” 

legacy e-sports

The best part for Josiah about working with META High School Esports is that every day is different. He also loves that his role incorporates lots of variety, which is evident in his day-to-day tasks.

To get started, he checks the internal Trello board, a Kanban style to-do board to track their creatives. He stresses the importance of its use to “check what we have coming up, what needs to be expanded upon and what designs need to be prioritised.”

“We work closely with our social media team along with our lead video editor to bring the look and feel of Legacy Esports to life. The majority of the projects I work on will be briefed from either the social media team or the marketing manager from the football club.” 

But when studying, Josiah likes to find quiet nooks to focus and get some advice from the lecturers he has kept in contact with from his first year. 

Josiah stated that he wouldn’t have started his degree if it wasn’t for Legacy Esports Business Manager, Michael Carmody, who has been a massive encouragement and source of support through his journey. 

The key takeaway from speaking with Josiah is that following your passion often leads to good things, even if you take the “unorthodox” path. 

Want to see more of Josiah’s work? Check out his website or socials: Instagram and Twitter.


Alternatively, if you want to follow in his footsteps (and follow your passion), contact us here.

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