5 important life lessons from films about education


Films can act as a mirror to society and are able to teach us more about ourselves. Here are our faves that include powerful tips on getting through life.

With the Sydney Film Festival right around the corner, it's time to get heavily involved in the glory of the silver screen.

Like all good art, films can act as a mirror to society and are able to teach us more about ourselves. There are some great films set in schools. Here are some of our faves that happen to include powerful tips on getting through life in general.

1. Achievement is Paramount Rushmore (1998)

If you're at school (or studying) and wondering why nothing is happening, maybe it's time you do something about it. Don't get to the end of your course and realise all you got was a scrap of paper and some rudimentary Photoshop skills. Go above and beyond; define yourself with a photography, film and video design course that will inspire and expand your skills. Go above and beyond; define yourself.

2. There are Two Sides to Every Story Easy A (2010)

Why would Emma Stone lie to us? She did do a lot of lying in this flick but at the end she uses honesty to expose the hypocritical nature of humans in groups and their voracity to pass judgment over the individual. OK the campus feels a little full sometimes… but did you ever think that you might get some sweet new iMacs out of it?

3. Everyone Does Things Differently and at Their Own Pace Billy Maddison (1995)

There are different ways to learn, teach and succeed. Everybody does it differently and it's OK if the "normal" way isn't working for you. Take some time to find what works for you and you'll see a whole world of possibility open up to you.

4. Life Can Get Complicated;Brick (2005)

You might be in the second year of your Bachelor of Health Science and think everything is going pretty sweet but one day life could get unexpectedly real and you will have demonstrate some serious levels of character. The habits you develop in further education aren't just good for learning stuff good for dealing with life too. Your dedication to reaching the end goal will be ammunition enough for you to survive through most of life's big challenges.

5. Just Keep on Livin Dazed and Confused (1993)

At the end of the day, you’ll get an education and move on to bigger and better things. There will be ups and downs through every stage of your life you just gotta keep on livin man.

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