Journey from personal wellness to health practitioner

Grace Cadona is helping people be well and live their best life

“Never underestimate the impact you can have on someone’s health and wellbeing.”

It was a journey to get answers for her own health issues that led Grace Cadona to become a naturopath. Now the 30-year-old Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) Torrens University graduate is a qualified naturopath running her own practice in Brisbane’s West End.

“I was experiencing some health issues and I couldn’t get any answers about what was happening to my body,” says Grace.

“I turned to naturopathy, which gave me the tools to understand my body and get better naturally.”

Helping others achieve health and wellness

Inspired by her own health journey, Grace decided she wanted to help other people understand their own bodies and achieve better health and an overall sense of wellbeing.

“One of the key things I learnt from my own journey and through studying to become a naturopath is that we have to treat ailments holistically rather than in isolation from the rest of the body,” says Grace.

“My aim is to give people back their power – the power to understand their bodies, the power to make better choices, and the power, and confidence, to implement the diet and lifestyle changes they need to live their best life.”

Supportive learning environment

Grace says it was the support and encouragement of her lecturers that have helped her become the health practitioner she is today.

“My lecturers were experienced, professional and so supportive of our learning and education. Some of the lecturers I had on my first day were still there on my last, and it was wonderful to have that continuity and consistency,” says Grace.

“The learning process was very hands-on which I think is so important when you're studying to become a health care provider.”

At her graduation ceremony in June 2021, Grace was awarded the Excellence Award for her studies.

Sharing her passion and knowledge with clients

Six months after completing her studies, Grace opened her own naturopathy clinic. She says it was scary but rewarding.

“At the moment, I am focused on developing my skills as a naturopath and helping my clients find healthier version of themselves,” Grace says.

“One of the most important things I’ve learnt – and that was reinforced at graduation by our guest speaker, Jules Galloway, is to believe in myself and what I can bring to the table as a health practitioner. And to never underestimate the impact we can have on someone’s health and wellbeing.”

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