Academic spotlight: Tim Trevail combines his passion for combat sports with a myotherapy career

Tim Trevail

Tim Trevail combined his love of sport and passion for health to forge a multi-faceted career as a sports injury specialist and educator. The PhD candidate is also a blogger, YouTuber and podcast host.

Torrens University Australia’s Program Director for Physical Health is many things. Currently practicing out of Melbourne’s Complete Sports Care, Tim is a sports injury specialist with extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Having worked closely with sporting teams for more than a decade, he is skilled in clinical assessment and rehabilitation strategies.  tim trevail youtube mini-band video screengrab
  Tim’s YouTube video: How to perform a Mini Band Front Raise Photo credit: Tim Trevail’s YouTube channel

Tim complements his clinical background with his work as an educator and blogger, PhD candidate and podcast host. Through The Understanding Sports & Exercise Medicine Research Show, he connects with fellow researchers to discuss important insights and methodologies, to ultimately help other health professionals deliver effective care. On Tim Trevail’s YouTube channel, Tim has collected 226,000 followers, who tune in for his educational videos on manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation techniques. His most popular video to date is a Dry Needling Technique for Gluteus Medius Muscle Showcase which has over 750,000 views since it was posted in February 2013.

Tim as a child
Tim loves sports since childhood Photo credit: Tim Trevail

A passion for healthcare and how the human body works

Tim’s interest in the human body extends back to his early days as a child. It’s not surprising he now works in the field, helping to reduce pain and restore function in all kinds of patients. He particularly enjoys working with jiu-jitsu athletes and other combat sports competitors. Formulating rehabilitation plans to support athletes to continue playing the sports they love gives Tim his greatest sense of achievement.

 Tim jiu jitsu

Tim has a sporting background in jiu-jitsu Photo credit: Tim Trevail

Combining his passion for combat sports with his expertise in musculoskeletal health, Tim has built a profile in the healthcare industry. “People excel when they combine their passion in different areas,” says Tim, who has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Therapy and a Master of Science in Sports and Exercise Medicine under his belt.

There is no perfect posture

Tim is equally passionate about educating his patients on best health practices. Of all the questions he is asked, how to achieve the perfect posture is easily the most common. The answer? “It’s a myth as there is no perfect posture,” says Tim.

“Anyone who stays in one position for too long will get uncomfortable and feel some pain. Pain is a great motivator for movement. It is, therefore, important to give ourselves a range of postures so that our joints and muscles are moving regularly. Motion is the lotion for joints as regular movement keeps us nice and healthy.”

The future of myotherapy 

For anyone considering a career in myotherapy, Tim has good news: “The future of myotherapy is bright,” he says. “There are genuine opportunities to shape the experiences of people in Australia seeking musculoskeletal healthcare.”

According to, the number of people working as massage therapists, including remedial massage therapist and myotherapist, is expected to grow very strongly over the next five years and likely reach 21,800 by 2025.

“The pandemic has made us work differently. Patient-driven demand for myotherapy has forced us to be more innovative and adopt the use of technology, such as telehealth, to work out how we can continue to provide care during this challenging time,” Tim adds.

While Tim is contributing to the wellbeing of others through his own clinical practice, he’s also using his role at Torrens University to foster the next generation of health professionals who can hit the ground running as soon as they graduate.  

“At Think Education, the Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Myotherapy is taught in small classes by lecturers with exceptional clinical and academic experience. With hands-on skills, myotherapy graduates are job-ready and sought after. Myotherapy has a genuine place in Australia’s health landscape to make a difference in our community.”

Tim Trevail
  Tim enjoys working in education where he is able to build confident and employable graduates

Never stop learning

Tim is currently enjoying his new learning journey as a PhD researcher, diving deep into the impact of physical activity on persistent pain. His commitment to growth means he’s constantly seeking ways to enhance his skills and knowledge – something he encourages everyone to do.  “Whether you are starting an undergraduate degree or completing your PhD, there is always opportunity to learn more,” says Tim. “Stay humble with your knowledge and understand that there is always more to learn.” 

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