Age is just a number: Studying Nursing as a mature aged student

Diane has always been interested in becoming a Nurse and started studying at the age of 53. Learn about her experience as a mature-aged Nursing student and how she overcame her fear of studying.

Dianne was a florist for almost 30 years.

She’s always been interested in nursing and after years of thinking about going back to school, she finally decided to make her dream a reality. “From the age of 4, I dreamt of becoming a nurse. I love helping people in any way possible, it gives me tremendous joy to know I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. At the age of 53, I made my dream come true.”

Dianne is an inspiration to us. She has demonstrated that no matter your age, you can always go back to school. Learn more about how she decided to face her fears of being a mature student and get back into the classroom.

Tell us more about the day you decided to enrol in a Nursing course.

I had been trying to enrol in a Nursing course for over 5 years but was unsuccessful with other education providers as I needed my school certificates as well as my AIN Certificate which I completed back in 2007. When the opportunity came up 18 months ago, I applied right away. I was so excited when I received a letter stating a start date. I must admit I was also thinking: am I too old? What if the class have just left school and I’m the old granny? Can I do this? I was very nervous and unsure if I had the academic skills to succeed.

“I was thinking: am I too old? Can I do this? I was very nervous and unsure if I had the academic skills to succeed.”

What were you doing before you started studying Nursing?

I worked as a florist in a family business as a Florist for 28 years! I’ve now finished my studies and am awaiting a Certificate from Aphra, hoping to graduate in September this year. I'm currently working in a hospital as an assistant nurse.

What was your favourite part about studying?

My favourite experience was watching and being part of my fellow classmates' achievements through our studies. They’ve become my best friends, we went through a lot together.

What was your biggest challenge while studying? How did you manage to overcome it?

My biggest challenge would have been the Medication exam and the in-class Osche’s. I was incredibly nervous in front of a crowd and terrified I wouldn’t pass. But, I overcame my fears with encouragement from my family, teachers and friends in class.

“Never ever think you are too old or not bright enough to achieve your dreams. If you want it then go out there and get it. Never give up”

What are some of the achievements you are most proud of and why?

If I had to pick one - it would be the calculation exam as we had to achieve 100%. I failed by 1 mark on the first attempt. After many weeks of tutoring, I passed with 100% on my second attempt. The tutoring paid off!

What was the best piece of advice you received to keep you motivated?

My Teacher said to me one day, “no matter what you learn, in your heart, you have the gift that you need to be a nurse”. My Husband said to me during a tough stage, “just keep chipping away” and my teacher also added “just keep swimming” - I did all the above.

What would you say to other mature students out there thinking of going back to study?

Never ever think you are too old or not bright enough to achieve your dreams. If you want it then go out there and become a mature age student. Never give up, make time for yourself, and you can do it. Good luck and live the dream!

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