What's it like to transition from high-school to uni?

from school to university

Uni life is a very different experience to high-school.

Uni life is a very different experience to high-school.

Gone are the days when you are force fed education and the teachers take roll call to take note of your attendance. In Uni, you’re expected to show up and take responsibility for your time and workload. You are no longer told what to do and how to do it. The good thing is you have much more control which can be amazing, but also overwhelming. However, with a little preparation, you can ensure a much smoother transition. We’ve got lots of support services available and success coaches who are there to help you succeed.

Bethany LaPaglia is currently studying the Bachelor of Digital Media (Interaction Design) and like you, she went straight from high-school right into Uni.

Will I get homework like I did in high school?

Yes, but you’ll need to manage your time a lot more carefully in order to make it count. Homework usually contributes to your assessments, or at least your ability to complete them.

I wasn’t very academic in high school. Will I be okay studying at university?

If you can apply yourself and put in the effort, then yes. Although if studying isn’t one of your top priorities, then I recommend applying for a diploma to get a taste of the course. If it’s not your passion, then don’t do it. You really need passion to fuel you through the hard times!

What are your best tips for getting into a good study routine?

Find when you are the most productive. For me, I like to study at night. I also give myself checkpoints, once I’ve completed one thing off my list, I give myself a 30min break.

“Don’t forget to use your success coaches! They are fundamental to your success in both study and life. They are professionals that want to see you succeed and will do all they can to help you achieve your goals. They can talk to you about subject choices, work/life balance, and how to achieve your study and career goals. My success coach was useful for me, particularly with subject selections. I didn’t know what to pick or why I should pick them. After having a conversation, I picked a timetable which best suited me and my work/life balance.” – Josh Marquez, Hospitality Management student.

What are the best and worst things about uni in your opinion?

The best thing about uni would have to be the independence, the freedom is nice and you’re treated like an adult. The worst thing, on the other hand, is the word-load. At uni, there are three desires: to study, sleep, and have a social life- and sometimes you can only choose two.

How have you found your course so far – what are the teaching/ facilities/support?

My time at uni so far has been incredible. I’ve had a lecturer sit with me in their spare time and help me catch up. I work in open, air-conditioned spaces, with a small class. The smallest class I’ve had was a class of four students.

I don’t know anyone who goes to Torrens, how do I meet new people at uni?

There are tons of campus events throughout the year to get involved in. Apart from that, the classes are small enough that you’ll easily get to know all of your peers in no time.

“My best piece of advice to any prospective students out there: don’t be scared on orientation day or on attending any of our events. You will literally meet people like me, who were also in your exact same position. University is crazy different to High School. One of the best parts of The Rocks campus is how open and friendly everyone is, there’s a great community spirit.” – Isabella, Bachelor of Business (Event Management) 

How will I balance study with other aspects of my life?

My advice is to start your assessments early. The earlier you start them, the easier they are to complete- plus, nobody enjoys cramming!

What if I can’t afford to study?

Fee-help is an option that allows you to pay off portions of your student fees once you start earning a certain amount of annual income. That means that you won’t have to think about student fees until you’ve started working!

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