What Career is right for me? A Day in the Life of a Business Student

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How do you find the right career? We spoke to Adam, a current business student, about how to follow your passions and find your perfect job.

If you’re a current or future student, you might be asking yourself questions such as, “what’s the right career for me?” or, “what’s the best thing for me to study?” There’s an incredibly diverse range of job options out there, but choosing a career path or university degree that suits you doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Let’s hear from someone who has found an industry they’re passionate about and a career they love, and is pursuing their future goals at Torrens University Australia.

A passion for business: Adam’s story

student and instagram Adam Helweh was born in Kuwait and grew up in Sweden, and is currently studying at Torrens University’s Fortitude Valley Campus in sunny Brisbane. Adam’s penchant for globetrotting is matched only by his interest in entrepreneurship: in 2009, he started his own restaurant in Stockholm, which he ran for eight years.

With his background in small business management, Adam knew it made sense to study business at a university level. Drawn to Australia’s agreeable climate and the appeal of studying at Torrens University, he moved to Australia in 2019 and enrolled in a Bachelor of Business.

“Business is a way for me to build my career,” Adam says. “I want to do something that involves travelling, something active. I’m not into sitting at a desk for eight or nine hours a day.”

For Adam, the best thing about being in the industry is the chance to meet and communicate with other people.“I like to keep in touch with people. Business is my home.”

Why Torrens University was Adam’s first choice

It’s the personal nature of the Torrens University experience that proved so tempting to Adam. Like other students, he has the advantage of small class sizes, a flexible learning model and industry placements as part of his degree.

“When I read about Torrens University, I liked the way they teach people,” says Adam. “The teaching staff are really nice; they answer your questions.”

The opportunity to develop a personal rapport with the teaching staff, who are leaders in the industry, was too valuable to pass up.“I didn’t want to go to a big university – you’re just a number,” he says. “But Torrens University is like a family. I am very happy to recommend it to anyone.”

A day in the life of a business student

On any given day, Adam might dedicate his time to three or four different activities. When it comes to his daily routine, Adam says:

“It’s most important for me to start my day by working out. I have to go for a walk outside when I start my day. Then, when I come back, I have the energy to study.”

The morning walks help him reduce stress and prepare to enter the academic mindset.

After studying either on campus or at a public library, he’ll typically walk home across the Brisbane River while listening to music or a podcast. Another important part of his day is keeping on top of his exercise by heading to the gym. He’s also a fan of attending local events for both professional and social purposes.

In addition to his part-time study, Adam runs a small e-commerce business and is working remotely on a project in Zurich, Switzerland. Alongside his degree and business pursuits, he also works casual shifts at a museum in Brisbane.

Becoming job-ready before you graduate

With his degree, Adam sees an opportunity to develop the necessary skills and experience to excel in the industry. For him, it’s all about making yourself employable while you’re still studying.

“You have to start building your own community,” he says. “I believe it’s good for students to open their eyes and integrate with the local community.”

To do so, you could consider starting up your own business or social enterprise while studying, just like Adam has. With his e-commerce business in Sweden and online work with businesses in Europe, Adam prepares for his career after graduating, while his museum work keeps him an active part of the Brisbane community.

So why is choosing the right career important? Adam says it’s about pursuing what you love and what suits you.

“I’m not good at public health. I’m not good at hospitality. But I’m good at business, and I like it.”

And don’t forget to do your research: try to understand the subject matter and what you have to do to succeed in your chosen industry.

Industry experience and student support

When it comes to academic study versus industry experience, at Torrens University you get the best of both worlds. Undertaking a Bachelor of Business means you also complete a minimum of 200 hours of professional work placement, developing your real-life business experience in the industry. Upon graduating, you’ll be ready to enter the workforce with a competitive advantage.

The course is also a candidate for accreditation with the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), a global business education accrediting body.

Before graduating, you can also take advantage of Careers Connect, Torrens University’s one-stop shop for employment support and advice. The online platform strives to connect students with career resources and the job market, and shares tips about how to find the right career for you.

Adam is on track to graduate in an industry he loves and with a qualification that’s highly valued in the industry. Hopefully, his example will help you with choosing the right career path for yourself at Torrens University.

Deciding what career path to follow can be one of the biggest decisions in your life, but don’t let it overwhelm you! The Torrens University’s Career Crush quiz can help to discover the right career for you, based on your natural talents and passions.

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