Why Industry Connection Matters: Pact’s Story


When Pact Fan started his study at Torrens, he knew what he was going to learn will be applied and well-practised within the workforce.

When Pact Fan started his study at Torrens, he knew what he was going to learn will be applied and well-practised within the workforce.

The professionalism of our staff, our innovative campus and the industry engagement linked with our courses was the deciding factor for Pact to start studying with Torrens University. Pact went on to study a postgraduate course in the Master of Business Administration after obtaining his Bachelor of Commerce and Accounting at our Adelaide campus.

During his time at Torrens University, Pact was awarded the Alumni Scholarship.

“This course in particular is taught over three Trimesters. This timeline over the course of one year may look more compacted and rushed compared to your standard semester, but you realize during the study periods that this 12 week learning period allows you enough time to learn the content and prepare for the final exam.

For example, each Trimester is taught over a 12 week period. You tend to learn each component of the subject between weeks 1 and 9 and have the final 2 weeks free to review the course content so you are ready for your final exam. This is definitely convenient for all students as they have time to ask questions and seek help for things they may be confused about.”

Pact also found that the Course Architecture is seamless and easy to follow

“I really liked the course structures Torrens have to offer as it is useful and effective. The structure is useful when it comes to subject selection each Trimester ensuring you cover all core and elective subjects required to complete the course and providing a breezy transition from subject to subject.

For example, the suggested study plan comes in handy when it comes to things like completing the prerequisite subjects before going on to the next level, making it easier for all students to progress and grow in the course.”

A smaller classroom ensures provides individually tailored teaching and more one on one time with the lecturers meaning fewer students get left behind.

Further to this, the methods of teaching allow students the chance to engage with one another and have in-depth conversations as a class, with the lecturer, about the topics being taught. The creative team brainstorming improves students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills as an individual and teaches us to work well in a group environment. It gives students the opportunity to open up to discussion and communicate with other peers interested in learning similar things.

Additionally, creative brainstorming works to include different perspectives and improves the team’s ability to think outside the box. It is beneficial for each student’s future working in a company or organization.

Pact believes that Torrens has taught him how to face and solve problems effectively and has motivated him to develop further and learning more about his direct field.

“With the support and help of all lecturers and my success coach, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying and have learnt the positive impacts studying can have. Alongside this, winning Alumni Scholarship in 2018 has inspired me to reach my goals for the near future.“

Pact believes the degree is a prestigious achievement and graduates are well-placed to excel at the executive level or in the pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities.

He will be assured a relevant and practical education that will serve him in future business landscapes.

“The school is led by industry-experienced academics whose high-level business and management acumen – and strong industry networks – deliver relevant and comprehensive business and project management postgraduate qualifications.”
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