5 tips for students travelling on a budget

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The excitement of discovering new horizons, immersing oneself in diverse cultures, and making enduring memories greatly appeals to students.

While financial limitations and tight budgets may challenge travel aspirations, the positive aspect is that going on an exhilarating adventure doesn't necessarily mean depleting your bank account. Let's delve into five tips for students to enjoy budget-friendly travel experiences.

1. Use specialized services for finding trips

One of the most effective ways for a student to save money when traveling is to choose a pre-packaged tour instead of making your own travel arrangements. Here's why:

  • Group discounts. Tour operators can buy large volumes of tickets and services at discounted prices.
  • Convenience. Buying a pre-packaged tour takes this headache away from you, allowing you to focus on enjoying your vacation.
  • Included services. Many tours include not only tickets and hotels but also various excursions, transfers, and other amenities.

Choosing an off-the-shelf mountain hiking tour is especially relevant for students and quite justified. Mountain hiking requires specialized knowledge and equipment and presents significant challenges in terms of safety and organization.

For example, Bookatrekking.com can help you find affordable hiking and trekking trips for over 15 destinations. Its specialists can advise you on what clothes you need as well as where you can save your money during the trip.

2. Get rid of everything unnecessary

If you're a student going on the road, try to account for everything so that you’re ready for any force majeure. Half of your luggage may not be needed at all, or you can do without it. You should keep a cool head and be ready to make sacrifices during the packing process.

Clothes and shoes often take up the most space in your luggage. There is no need to bring half of your closet on a week-long trip. If comfort and economy are more important to you, then versatility is your main helper. When selecting clothes, you should focus on what goes well together. That is, your favorite blouse, which can be worn only with one particular skirt, will have to be left at home. The same fate should await the closet items that you are likely to wear only once.

Shoes should be limited to one pair that you will wear on the road - as comfortable and versatile as possible. Of course, when your trip pursues some purpose, where a specific dress code is required, you can't cheat. You will have to bring an evening dress for the Vienna Opera House. The same applies to hiking (if you plan not only to climb mountains but also to go out in public).

3. Carefully study the rules of baggage transportation

Most airlines allow you to take a certain amount of things on board free of charge but with restrictions on the quantity and composition. Therefore, if you decide to put all your stuff in your hand luggage, you should carefully study the baggage rules of your airline in advance.

If your baggage is overweight, you will be forced to pay for it. Paying for heavier luggage in advance will be cheaper than paying at the airport. Secondly, during the inspection, you may be asked to throw away a manicure set or expensive perfume, as not all items can be brought on board for security reasons.

It's essential to know all the luggage rules of your airline to save your money.

4. Save major purchases for the end of the trip

If you plan to bring something for yourself or your family as a souvenir from your trip, it is logical to leave the main purchase for the last few days. Make an effort to plan your budget competently and not find yourself in a situation where you have no money left before buying souvenirs.

5. Save on accommodation

If you want to plan a budget trip, forget about hotels. There are many different services for finding and renting accommodation almost anywhere in the world. With their help, you can choose anything from a bed in a hostel to a separate apartment, villa, or even houseboat.

Some booking services that can help you find accommodation are:

  • Airbnb.com
  • Booking.com
  • Agoda.com
  • Hotels.com

If you are going on a trip as a group, one way you can save money is to pool your belongings together. That way, everyone won't have to bring a full set of everything they need. Instead, one person can take medicines, and someone else can take card games.

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