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Torrens University Australia is taking the current reality of COVID-19 and the effects it has had on our students, their livelihoods and job security seriously.

Torrens University Australia is taking the current reality of COVID-19 and the effects it has had on our students, their livelihoods and job security seriously. Unfortunately during these challenging times, we have seen Australians, including our students, lose their jobs and their source of income. The Australian government has introduced various initiatives through Centrelink and superannuation to help alleviate these difficult situations. Like the government, we at Torrens University are also doing our part by ensuring our students have access to the best employment resources and stay connected to the job market.

Careers Connect is a platform that connects our students with success coaches and potential employers. It is a digital Career Services Centre available on-demand to students, where they can access a range of career related information and services including:

  • uploading of resume and cover letters for feedback from success coaches
  • search and apply for internships/placements, casual jobs, volunteer opportunities
  • view and RSVP to career events & guest speakers
  • mock interviews
  • resource library

Careers Connect is our one-stop-shop and helps our students develop employability skills and plan for life during and after study with confidence. Why is employability important? Well, employability is the lifelong ability to find and create work opportunities across diverse and changing contexts. If we instil strong employability skills into our students, it means that they will be highly adaptable in the market and will be able to seek and create opportunities for themselves as the market evolves and changes over time. It is especially important in this climate as we need to prepare our students for the new norm and for any unexpected changes in the future that may affect the economy.

We recommend our students to visit the platform regularly, as we are committed to getting as many new and existing opportunities up on the site as possible. Currently, our Industry Team are working around the clock, pulling together as many new job opportunities as possible to help facilitate our students in their search for jobs and employment, especially at this critical time.

“We understand that this is a very difficult time for many of our community. We have a dedicated team of Industry Consultants whose sole role at this time is to source potential employment opportunities for our students. Please keep your eye out for the jobs posted on Careers Connect.”
– Kath Curry, General Manager, Health and Education.

Thanks to a collaborative effort between our Industry Consultants and International Team, we are looking at areas where you can find employment and which the Australian Government currently regards as essential services. The areas and industries that are in-demand right now include customer service, call centres, delivery drivers, warehouse & logistics, supermarkets, and administration.

On Careers Connect, there are currently 70+ casual/part-time opportunities listed with 30+ new graduate roles and we are connecting our students with employers like Coles, Woolworths, Telstra, ALDI, Cater Care and Opal Aged Care. It is also good to note that students with previous professional experience are also in demand in areas such as aged care, community services, mental health support, and public Health. So rest assured there is still an abundance of job opportunities in the market.

Our students are already benefiting from the work our teams are currently doing on Careers Connect. Vice President International, Mark Falvo, has seen this direct impact on our international students and says,

“It is our aim in the current environment to support international students as much as we can in their efforts to secure employment. We’ve already received the positive news that the Australian Government has relaxed work restrictions for temporary student visa holders, and the best way we can assist our students is to point them in the right direction in terms of where to find current job opportunities. The industry team is doing a fantastic job of sourcing available opportunities and updating Careers Connect on a regular basis, and our international students are already responding really positively to the support they are receiving in this space.”

Check out Careers Connect today – it is a great resource waiting to assist in connecting you to your next job and many career services.

You can access Careers Connect by visiting the Student Hub and login into our Careers Connect section. You will then find a full list of current job opportunities available under the Job & WIL/IP section.

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