Your Guide to Online Study at Torrens University Australia

Guide to Online Study

At Torrens University Australia, our vision is to champion the power of people to connect the world for good. We have a decade of experience in designing and developing best-in-show online experiences that achieve this vision.

At Torrens University Australia, our vision is to champion the power of people to connect the world for good. We have a decade of experience in designing and developing best-in-show online experiences that achieve this vision.

We are a fully blended multimodal university, where our teachers have experience in online teaching, our student satisfaction is high online, and we are experts at managing education across 9 campuses.

Here’s how online study with us works.

Why Online Study?

The advantages of online study ensure it’s every bit as valuable as face-to-face learning.

Torrens University delivers courses using both blended and online-only modalities. Blended students complete part of their coursework by attending on-campus classes. They also have a series of self-paced online modules to complete.

Online students attend their classes by participating in live facilitated classes, connecting online in real time with lecturers and fellow students. They then complete the same set of self-paced study modules as blended students.

It is important to know:

  • All students undertake the same coursework, and graduate with the same qualification.
  • The flexibility of online study accommodates all learning styles.
  • Online access is available 24/7 meaning you can learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • All students have access to study resources, course content and discussion boards.
  • All students get direct access to lecturers, success coaches, student services and your fellow students, just online.

The most important thing is to decide which option will suit you best. If life changes around you (as it sometimes does) you can change your choice at any time. All students are welcome on campus once we reopen – and you can always jump online and watch if you miss anything.

What’s Online Study at Torrens University Australia Like?

Online study at Torrens University is interactive and engaging. It encourages and facilitates collaboration between students and lecturers, which makes learning active. All subjects consist of 10 hours of study per week, over 12 weeks of delivery. We divide this into about seven hours of self-paced study, and three hours of facilitated study. Nothing’s new here – whether online or on campus, this is the way things are for all students.

Studying in this manner provides an opportunity for people with all kinds of learning styles to thrive. It’s brilliant for people with other commitments – it’s incredibly flexible.

Online study is a multi-faceted space. You’ll still be engaged in a community as you’ll meet virtually from your device. You’ll interact with others in live class sessions, take part in discussion forums and have the opportunity to review content and class recordings. We also give students the chance to reflect, test their knowledge and even apply it.

Our online courses include synchronous experiences where you can connect in real time with your lecturers and fellow students. This might be during a live tutorial, client briefing from a guest speaker, or a live class discussion. Online study also includes asynchronous activity – meaning you’re working to review study materials, interacting with lecturers and fellow students, but at separate times.

Both styles have an element of flexibility online, meaning that you can always come back to review recordings, complete your self-paced study or complete assignment work all at your own pace.

What Are the Differences Between Facilitated and Self-paced Study?

Self-paced study refers to reading your essential resources for that week, investigating on the topic, doing your learning activities, working on your upcoming assessments and collaborating with fellow students.

To support your learning, you’ll be given plenty of resources. These include rich media demonstrations industry presentations, interactive activities and self-check quizzes.

Live facilitated study is where you attend live classes with your learning facilitator. During live classes you can use the mic to talk to everyone, or just type in your questions and the lecturer can answer to all, or privately.

A unique feature of Torrens University classes, both on-campus and online, is that they are intentionally kept small. This gives you space to ask the questions you want, but with groups large enough to connect with other students.

How Will I Know If I’m Progressing?

Online quizzes help you check if you’re on the right track – and are a good way to prepare mentally for official assessments.

All assignments reference key study resources which are all accessible in the one place. Once you’ve reviewed the assessment briefs and supporting resources, you’re ready to complete your assignments and submit online.

You will also receive feedback from qualified and experienced lecturers. All of these factors will help build confidence.

Feeling Connected and Community Building While Learning Online

Conversations online can occur in many different ways, at a time to suit you. There are numerous opportunities for the exchange of ideas, whether this is in the live classroom setting, or later, for example in forum discussions.

Learning online also means you are less likely to feel left out. If you miss a face to face class, it can feel alienating. Online, classes are recorded, meaning that anyone who wasn’t present or who didn’t quite grasp a concept can watch again.

Online learning also extends your community beyond those who live near you or those at a similar stage of life; in particular you’ll meet others who are likely to become your peers working in the same industry as you. This is invaluable in expanding your future career network.

Will Online Learning Affect My Employability?

Building knowledge collectively in a digital context is increasingly becoming the norm and employers are seeking digitally savvy employees. Knowing how to operate, interact, communicate, complete tasks and deliver in an online context is an increasingly crucial skill across all sectors.

Online delivery extends skill sets and forms work habits that employers seek. You’ll demonstrate that you’re an independent self-starter who can show initiative. Connecting via digital spaces and communicating online is essential in today’s workforce.

Our online courses also include many simulated experiences that mean you can learn about, then practice a technique at home – removing the need for specialist space. For example, you may be wanting to perfect a herbal remedy, or set up a photo shoot studio but want to get the tips online before starting.

For some courses, you could also complete your Work Integrated Learning module online. Instructors receive briefs from real clients, and present these to the class to work on. These are an important contribution to your CV.

If you live in a remote area, online learning is an excellent way to develop a national network. With our strong ethos of connecting students with industry, lecturers regularly invite guest speakers. You’ll hear first-hand what’s trending in your future career, get tips on how to master industry specific tasks and get advice on how to get started.

What Sets Torrens University Apart?

Torrens University provides students with access to a Success Coach throughout your study. Success Coaches provide regular support to help you keep focused, to help with CV preparation, work placement opportunities and internship applications. You can connect with them at any time online or in-person. There’s no reason you can’t come along to any of our 9 campuses across Australia, even if just to use the library or have a coffee with one of the team. It’s nice to have options – but of course, we are currently practicing social distancing, for the greater good.

Our lecturers are experts in their field, and will ensure that you’re working in ways that mirror real-world scenarios.

Explore our Online Learning Platform

We use Blackboard Ultra, which allows us to combine a variety of different features. This is where we host daily lectures, tutorials, contextualize the content, share professional experiences, and encourage collaboration and discussion.

Why not take a look around and get a feel for what an online study experience would be like with Torrens University Australia? In this video, you’ll also hear first-hand from some of our past and present online students.

What Do Our Students Have To Say?

“Hi everyone, so this is my set up for my home online study. As you can see I live on a farm. I am absolutely loving online study because I feel a lot more productive, I’m getting a lot more jobs done both online and on the farm.”

Charlotte, Bachelor of Business (Event Management)

“One of the best tips I could give for studying online is setting some time aside. So, I’ve got this, I’ve got a year schedule, I’ve got a plan.”

Daniel, Bachelor of Business (Event Management)

“Using an online method as a tool of study is a very effective idea. It helps students to access study materials in their own time.”

Jyoti, Master of Public Health

“I’m currently studying my 4th degree in Naturopathy online. I’m never late to a lecture, I have zero commute time and I can study whenever I feel most productive throughout the week. My favourite about studying online would have to be that you can pause and rewind the lecture recordings. I also like that you can re-watch the lectures when you are revising for exams.”

Madison, Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition)

“The lecturers have such a wealth of industry knowledge, that they’re really happy to share with you, and you get great interaction with other students as well. There’s forums where you can share your work, get advice and just have a chat with them so that you don’t feel like you’re all alone.”

Hannah, Diploma of Graphic Design online graduate, and now a Torrens University Student Mentor

Ready To Study Online?

If you’re interested in studying with Torrens University Australia, we have a range of courses available to you. No matter what you’re interested in or what you’re doing currently, we’d love to help you reach your goals. Contact us to find out more about studying with us online.

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