How Torrens University Digital Badges are helping to future-proof my career

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Ahmad Hussein is studying a Bachelor of UX and Web Design at Billy Blue College of Design. Always seeking ways to build on his knowledge, he recently earned his Creative and Critical Thinking Smart Skills Digital Badge. Here, he explains the benefits of developing and demonstrating new abilities.

“I am a member of the SRC at Ultimo and I’m also a Design scholarship winner. Now is the perfect time to earn Digital Badges since we are staying at home with not much else to do.”

Where did you hear about the Digital Badges?

I heard about the Digital Badges from an email sent out by Torrens University when they were first announced. 

How did you find the process of signing up for and completing the Digital Badges? 

The entire process is super-easy. The content is laid out very clearly, which makes completing the courses very straightforward. 

Which Smart Skills Digital Badge did you choose first to start this journey? 

Creative and Critical Thinking. 

Why did you decide to do the course? 

I studied the course because I thought it was a fantastic way to upskill during the early portion of the trimester, which is normally not a super-busy time for me. I liked that the courses are backed by industry heavyweights. That was a factor in my choice to complete the Creative and Critical Thinking badge – that one in particular is endorsed by Canva, a company that operates directly in my chosen field of study. It’s also important that creative thinkers continuously grow and learn, and just because I’m currently doing my degree doesn’t mean I can’t take on other opportunities outside of that.

Did you enjoy the content? Can you apply the knowledge to your current career path/job? 

I really liked the content that was covered in the course as it was very relevant to my chosen career path as a UX designer. Creative and critical thinking are the backbones of our craft, so I like to take advantage of any opportunity to strengthen these skills. One area I found especially relevant was the agile and lean start-up approach, something I won’t start properly learning about until third year when we study UX methodologies. This course exposed me to these concepts early on, thereby better preparing me for that subject. I also plan to read The Lean Start-Up, and now that I’ve got my head wrapped around the key idea, I’ll be able to dive straight into the book without a lot of friction. 

Did you find the platform easy to navigate? Did you like the fact that these courses are offered 100% online and available any time? 

The platform is very simple to use and navigate through. The content is broken up nicely into neat sections. I love the fact that the courses are available online, at any time. For me, it meant I was able to complete my course during the evenings, spread out across a few days, knowing I could continue whenever I had time. 

What was one thing about the course that you really enjoyed? 

I really enjoyed hearing from industry professionals during the course. They offered amazing insights. While their career paths and fields of interests varied greatly, they all had considerable experience and valuable knowledge to share.

Have you shared your badge/s? If so, where? Do you think this has any value? 

I’ve shared my badge on my LinkedIn profile. When I am ready to look for employment opportunities or an internship, it will be a hugely valuable addition to my resume/portfolio.

What would you say to fellow students about the badges? 

To fellow students, I would say that the Digital Badges are a great way to develop your skills and demonstrate those skills to others. Soft skills are becoming more and more important to employers, and the ability to demonstrate your abilities is truly invaluable.

Where do you see yourself in three years? 

Hopefully, three years from now I will have completed my degree and found my dream job as a UX designer.

Creative and Critical Thinking Smart Skills Digital Badge endorsed by Canva

"As a student having creative and critical thinking skills is essential (...) is something that can help you not just in your job but in your everyday life. When people have really strong creative and critical thinking process, they tend to model things and model the world in a really helpful way" - Andrew Greens, Head of Design at Canva.

Do you want to learn how to approach problems through analytical, perceptive and creative lenses? Our Creative and Critical Thinking Smart Skills Digital Badge endorsed by one of the world's biggest design companies can help you to easily acquire this important soft skill.


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