What is Austudy? Financial support for mature-aged students


Check out our guide to who qualifies for Austudy, the thresholds involved, the payment amounts and eligibility for those under 25.

What is Austudy?

Austudy is a financial support payment provided by the Australian government to help eligible students and apprentices with their living costs while they study or train. This allowance is designed to support individuals who are undertaking full-time study or an Australian Apprenticeship.

Who qualifies for Austudy?

Eligibility for Austudy relies on you meeting several criteria. Generally, Austudy is available to individuals aged 25 and over. However, certain exceptions apply to those who qualify under special circumstances.

You must be enrolled in an approved course at an approved educational institution, studying full-time, or undertaking a full-time apprenticeship registered with the Australian Apprentice scheme. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and meet residency requirements.

Austudy is also means-tested, meaning applicants must meet specific income and assets thresholds to qualify.

The income test means that Services Australia will start to reduce your payment if your income is over a certain amount. Currently, the threshold before your payments start to reduce is $509 a fortnight. If you earn $1,602.50 or more per fortnight, your Austudy will reduce to $0.

Your situation Amount your payment reduces by if you earn between $509-$610 per fortnight Amount your payment reduces by if you earn more than $610 per fortnight Maximum income before your payment reduces to $0
Single or in a couple, no children 50 cents for each dollar over $509 $50.50 plus 60 cents for each dollar over $610 $1,602.50
Member of a couple with children 50 cents for each dollar over $509 $50.50 plus 60 cents for each dollar over $610 $1,691.67
Single with children 50 cents for each dollar over $509 $50.50 plus 60 cents for each dollar over $610 $1,884.50

Similarly, there is a limit on the value of assets an individual can own before your payments are affected. The specific asset threshold varies but is designed to ensure those with substantial personal resources do not receive the payment.

How much do you get from Austudy?

The amount of Austudy payment varies based on individual circumstances. Austudy takes into account whether you have dependent children, living arrangements, personal income and assets.

Your situation Homeowner Non-homeowner
Single $301,750 $543,750
A couple, combined $451,500 $693,500
A couple, one partner eligible, combined $451,500 $693,500

You’ll get different Austudy payment rates if you’ve been getting an income support payment long-term before moving on to Austudy.

What is the difference between Austudy and Youth Allowance?

If you’re not yet 25, you are unlikely to be eligible for Austudy, which is intended for those over the age of 25. However, students or apprentices aged 24 or younger may qualify for Youth Allowance instead.

Youth Allowance is like Austudy for those under 25 – it has its own eligibility criteria, income and assets tests, and payment rates. In exceptional circumstances, individuals under 25 may still qualify for Austudy, particularly if they meet certain conditions that justify their need for this specific support.

Disclaimer: Torrens University does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the information given. The information is intended to be general and educational in nature. Torrens University strongly recommends that you seek advice from Services Australia to determine the suitability of Austudy for you and whether you satisfy their eligibility criteria.

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