Why everyone should do a short course

woman doing a short course

From just one hour up to six months, short courses are a great way to upskill. They can be a good starting point for your academic journey and help you make the right decisions about where you want to take your professional career.

At Torrens University, we offer a wide range of short courses. They’re a useful way to enhance your existing skillset and explore new areas, and some of them can even give you credit towards a formal qualification. You could get started in design with an Adobe short course, see where a career in special education could take you, or advance your soft skills and future-proof your career with Smart Skills Digital Badges.

We’ve taken care to make sure that these courses are relevant and applicable to your career from day one. We proudly collaborate with some of the key players across industries, ensuring everything you learn will be of absolute value; not just theoretically but practically as well.

Here’s what’s on offer:

On-demand short courses (one to two hours, 100% online)

Our on-demand short courses are 100 per cent online and flexible. Designed by recognised industry professionals to help you hone specific skills, they can be completed in one or two hours and are mobile-accessible. You will obtain a certificate of completion at the end of the course and you can also access this information once you log in to your account.

There are more than 50 on-demand short courses currently available. We’re also offering nine for free, including Business Growth Strategy, Introduction to B Corps, Connecting with Telehealth, so anyone can give them a try.

Smart Skills Digital Badges (one day to one week, 100% online)

Smart Skills Digital Badges are a great option if you want to further your education but can’t commit to full-time study. You can learn from anywhere, there are no specific start dates, and you can complete these courses at your own pace. You will gain essential, work-ready and competency-building skills. There are six Digital Badges to choose from, made up of a suite of on-demand short courses.

Completing six on-demand short courses earns you a Digital Badge. When you have earned all six Digital Badges, you have the option to take a Professional Practice Assessment and gain credit towards a formal qualification. This is equivalent to one subject within an undergraduate or postgraduate course at our university. On passing the assessment, you will gain additional proof of your achievements with the Certificate of Professional Practice. 

Education single subjects (12 weeks, online and on-campus options)

We’re the first Australian provider to introduce a new suite of short courses in special education and wellbeing. Educators today are faced with a whole host of complex new issues in the classroom. Our understanding of design, psychology and neuroscience is expanding faster than ever before, and there’s also been a huge growth in the diagnosis of mental health conditions among children and adolescents. These short courses help bridge the skill gap, providing resources to manage the diverse needs of the contemporary classroom.

Graduate certificates (six months, online and on-campus options)

These are postgraduate certificates you can undertake within each of our faculties: Business, Hospitality, Design and Creative Technology, and Health. Offering advanced education or work experience in your chosen field, they’re a step towards specialising in a specific area of interest. Our graduate certificate courses give you direct entry to a master degree at Torrens University.



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