Inaugural winner of the David Jansen Honorary Scholarship

Sandra Kay

We are pleased to announce that Sandra Kay is the first-ever winner of the David Jansen Honorary Scholarship. Sandra will receive a 100% reduction in tuition fees while studying the newly launched Master of Counselling course.

About the Master of Counselling Course

The newly launched Master of Counselling is a postgraduate course designed to help students enhance their skills in the field of counselling and interpersonal communication.
The course will also help students gain a deeper understanding of human nature and how to facilitate positive human change in various settings. Along with learning effective communication skills and theories of counselling, students will also understand the importance and power of digital counselling, maintaining boundaries and the necessity of self-care.
Click here to learn more about the new Master of Counselling course.

Huge Step Forward for Sandra

After receiving a large amount of submissions from many quality applicants, the decision to award Sandra was due to her strong background in Counselling, her eagerness to learn, and her genuine desire to help those in need.
In her own words, Sandra is, “… looking forward to studying at Torrens University to broaden my counselling skills and deepen my theoretical knowledge at an advanced level.” She’s also excited about the flexibility of the course, as it will enable her to pursue work at a private practice, individual support, or a group support/development firm.
The news also comes as a welcome relief after experiencing much hardship during her previous studies.
While studying a Bachelor of Social Science and Counselling, part-time, as a young mother, Sandra was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. This shock revelation brought her career ambitions to a halt, and the experience permanently changed her worldview.
Fortunately, after a long period of treatment, Sandra made a full recovery. Reflecting on this episode, she says the experience helped her understand what it takes to be resilient in the face of adversity, which will help her be a better counsellor in the future.
These days, Sandra appreciates the small pleasures in life. Running. Listening to audiobooks. Plus, volunteering at the local ‘Food for Life’ centre, helping financially disadvantaged families and individuals gain access to affordable groceries.

Celebrating the Brilliant Life of Dr David Jansen

Along with celebrating the new Master of Counselling course, the scholarship will also honour the memory of the late Dr David Jansen, founder of the Jansen Newman Institute (JNI), who passed away earlier this year.
David made an extraordinary contribution to Torrens University and Think Education. According to CEO, Linda Brown, “David contributed to the lives of many staff and students. And for this, we would like to express our sincere thanks.”
David’s wife, Margaret and daughter Pamela (also a JNI graduate) will honour David and award the scholarship to Sandra via a virtual event taking place later this year. Further details will be shared once available.

Watch Sandra’s award acceptance speech

In memory of the honourable Dr David Jansen (1928 – 2020)

David Jansen and Wife

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