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Connecting you with social-impact focused organisations to offer you unique work placement opportunities that let you make a positive difference to the world.

About Social Enterprise Hub

Our Social Enterprise Hub is where employability meets social impact, an opportunity for you to use your skills and energy to make the world a better place.

Taking what you learn in the classroom into relevant positive organisations gives you meaningful work experience and networking opportunities that will see you graduate confident and career-ready. At the same time, you’ll be helping valuable organisations and initiatives reach their goals and making a contribution to your community.

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Be the change you want to see
The Social Enterprise Hub gives you the chance to affect positive change in your own community and society more broadly.
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Enhance your employability
Start your career the right way with a resume that shows your values alongside hands-on work experience.
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Gain practical experience
Start your career the right way with a resume that shows your values alongside hands-on work experience.
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Develop a broad range of skills
Work with organisations and projects that are relevant to your career goals but that broaden your horizons, to maximise the value of your experience.

Our recent partnerships

Our partner organisations share our commitment to make a positive social impact. As part of your learning experience, you’ll use your skills and knowledge to help them achieve their objectives and add value to their organisations.

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Hampton Park Community House
As a live brief, students conduct market research and business analysis into the Repair Café project and are creating a plan to get the Café fully operational. Business and Health students also support a range of other projects for Hampton Park.
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Palliative Care Queensland
Students can learn and work with this organisation as part of the marketing, event planning, business operations and health teams. We also have in-classroom projects, in which students design an expo, plan an awareness campaign or work on a new app.
Social Enterprise Hub | Villagehood Logo | Torrens University
Villagehood Australia
Students conduct market analysis at a national and international level for this charity dedicated to supporting women, formulating recommendations in relation to funding models and fundraising best practices.
Social Enterprise Hub | Myoni Logo | Torrens University
Through our internship programs, Business and Design students improve marketing strategies for Myoni. They conduct market research and create social media posts, blogs and podcasts that are available on Myoni’s website.
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Radio Lollipop
In live briefs, students are challenged to design fundraising campaigns, such as 'Sponsor a Volunteer’, to cover basic costs for the volunteers who work with children and young people in hospitals.
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Red Nose
Business students develop plans for strategic growth and the expansion of operations. Students also conduct financial analyses and develop marketing opportunities to encourage people to donate clothing and other items.

Work experience with Social Enterprise Hub

Meaningful work experience at organisations that share your values helps bridge the gap between your in-classroom learning and industry experience. The range of experiences available includes work placements, team-based challenges (both class-based and hackathons), industry events and research projects, as well as volunteering and job opportunities with social enterprises.

You’ll be matched with a relevant organisation – from corporates through to for-purpose enterprises – to help you build the skills, understanding and confidence you’ll need for your career. You'll also have a positive social impact while you study, which fits in with our commitment to Be Good.

Why social impact is important to us

We believe it’s up to all of us to make the world a better place, and our goal is to be a force for good – and to encourage our students to do the same.

We have made a commitment to Be Good, and we belong to the global B Corp movement, an international community of like-minded organisations. As a Certified B Corporation, we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance and accountability, values we hope to share with you so you carry them into your career.

In support of our commitment to Be Good, The Social Enterprise Hub provides you with an opportunity to contribute to social enterprises and activities and develop skills for a successful career.

Social Enterprise Hub partners

See how students are meeting challenges with innovative solutions for organisations with a desire to make a difference.

  • Viva Mutual
  • Hands on Art
  • Red Nose
Viva Mutual
Health and social care group Viva Mutual tasked students with building a social media and digital marketing strategy.
Hands on Art
Students helped organise various community events; boosted the social media presence and digital marketing; and developed guidelines, tools and concepts for a brand redesign.
Red Nose
Students ideated a campaign, created a social media strategy and built creative collateral to drive a push for donations for this family-oriented charity.

Does your organisation want to partner with us?

If your organisation is social-impact focused, whether you’re a business led by ethics, a not-for-profit organisation, such as a charity or another for-purpose organisation or initiative, we are open to developing a partnership.
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Tailored to you
We’ll create a solution that fits your organisation’s scale, resources and goals.
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Get a fresh perspective
Incorporate students’ innovative approaches to organisational challenges to solve problems and meet goals.
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Grow your organisation
Leverage students’ skills and knowledge to achieve organisational goals, while mentoring future industry leaders.
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Be Good
Join us in our commitment to make the world a better place, while preparing our students for their careers.

Contact us

If you are an industry partner who would like to work with us, please get in touch.

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