When it comes to animation careers, you’ll have your choice in specialisation to suit your creative endeavours. Whether you’re bringing drawings to life as a 3D Animator, creating atmosphere as an Environmental Designer or crafting scenes as a Visual Effects Artist, there are many animation jobs to choose from.

3D Animator

Bring drawings to life with a range of applications including modelling, lighting, colour and movement.

3D Animators use computer applications to bring drawings to life. Build your career as an Animator, 3D Modeller, Character Rigger or Forensic Animator, taking the opportunity to join media giants like Disney, go freelance as a digital nomad or pass on your skills to the next generation as a teacher yourself. There is work across a variety of media platforms including film, videogames, advertising and mobile apps.

What does a 3D Animator do?

  • Strategise and scope briefs with clients and stakeholders
  • Design storyboards to illustrate intended narratives
  • Use state-of-the-art software to produce 2D frames, 3D frameworks and animated content
  • Negotiate design solutions in response to client feedback

Environmental Designer

Model backdrops and settings to create atmospheres in which characters live their lives.

Environmental Designers collaborate with other creative departments to develop rich, immersive digital settings and locations. Your choice of industries spans from film to videogames, with options to design epic, open-world landscapes for software companies like Rockstar, or smaller-scale start-up projects in motion pictures.

What does an Environmental Designer do?

  • Visually explore and strategise environmental concepts for animated films, videogames and special projects
  • Liaise between clients and other departments in creating an environmental design vision
  • Create immersive and beautiful backdrops to the main action
  • Manage the relationship between concept and reality, ensuring budgets are met and projects are achievable

Visual Effects (VFX) Artist

Bring special animated effects to a range of visual storytelling experiences.

Visual Effects Artists use computer software to create special effects and animations in media. Whether you’re pushing the boundaries in making amazing effects for blockbuster hits or catching the consumer’s eye for advertising, your job opportunities as a VFX Artist are as varied as they are vital to the media industry.

What does a Visual Effects Artist do?

  • Create eye-catching special effects designed to dazzle audiences
  • Design effects and simulations for use in interactive storytelling
  • Capture the minds of audiences across all media platforms, from science fiction thrillers to daytime television advertisements
  • Liaise with other creatives to bring their ideas to life
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