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UX jobs are becoming more important as our digital landscape changes and the relationship between user and machine evolves. Where performance used to be the focus, usability and design are now more important, creating a surge in demand for qualified UX and Web Designers.

UI Designer

Design and implement visual elements within a product to allow seamless user interaction.

Create navigational solutions for a range of media platforms including mobile apps, websites and self-service terminals in your capacity as a UI (User Interface) Designer. By channelling your creativity into achieving smooth user interactions, you will help companies and brands around the world connect with customers more effectively.

What does a UI Designer do?

  • Implement visual elements such as patterns, spacing, text and colour to develop attractive user interfaces
  • Bridge the gap between human and product by designing easily navigated systems
  • Use input controls, navigation, information and layouts to improve interaction
  • Work across a range of media platforms including mobile touchscreens, keyboard and mouse desktops, and voice activation

Information Architect

Look at the bigger picture, analysing and changing how information is presented.

Using creativity, analytical skills and user experience knowledge, Information Architects provide the foundation of platforms such as websites, mobile apps and computer software. Your job opportunities will range from large corporations upgrading legacy systems to ambitious start-ups establishing their messaging agenda from the beginning.

What does an Information Architect do?

  • Strategise, analyse, develop and implement the structure of how information is released
  • Deploy user feedback to test and upgrade services for best practice
  • Innovate with ambitious and creative content structure strategies
  • Facilitate the smooth communication of information between product and customer

UX & Web Designer

Blend design and user experience, creating easily navigated websites.

In the online world, the role of user experience and web design share a strong relationship. Using target audience research and creative intuition, UX & Web Designers improve upon both the distribution of content, and the design of websites and other digital platforms such as apps. These twinned skills ensure the people browsing your content have the best possible experience.

What does a UX & Web Designer do?

  • Improve on content architecture and web design with a user-centric focus
  • Funnel research-based evidence and usability testing initiatives in enhancing website operations
  • Develop and implement analysis and strategic development programs with the end-user in mind
  • Be creative in bridging the gap between human and machine
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