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Education careers give you the chance to provide vision, direction and drive. Whether you’re aiming to specialise and lead your colleagues as a Faculty Head or aspiring to the challenging and rewarding role of School Principal, education jobs offer the opportunity to use your personal and professional capacities to make a difference.

Head of Academic Department

Apply your in-depth knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning to a leadership position.

The Head of Academic Department provides leadership and takes responsibility for the performance of their department. Alongside usual teaching duties, you will guide your faculty through curriculum development, mentor and develop staff, and promote relationships between the institution and its community. This role leverages your passion and experience in teaching to create environments designed to optimise learning.

What does a Head of Academic Department do?

  • Design, develop and coordinate the curriculum
  • Guide and support your faculty and students to continually improve
  • Bring the school community together, organising fundraisers, functions and funding initiatives
  • Observe teachers in the classroom to ensure educational standards are met

School Principal

Lead and manage teaching and learning programs, supporting the school community.

As the visible leader, School Principals work from the top to instil a passion for education among staff and students alike. You will support the entire community, including parents, carers and other stakeholders. School Principals move beyond the classroom and create positive learning environments by implementing programs, mentoring staff through career development, making the most of resources and budgets, and embracing educational reforms.

What does a School Principal do?

  • Develop, implement and manage teaching and learning programs
  • Facilitate best practice across all faculties and departments
  • Help teachers develop their careers and fine-tune their performance
  • Liaise with government departments to implement policy on a micro level

Special Needs Educator

Work with individual students, tailoring education to their specific requirements.

Special Needs Educators provide the extra attention and individualised approaches to learning some students require. Special needs jobs are increasingly required to provide comfort and peace of mind to parents and carers, and help students succeed in a globalised world. This fulfilling role covers both educational and developmental needs, setting students up for success beyond the classroom.

What does a Special Needs Educator do?

  • Deliver specialised learning programs for students who have a range of disabilities and learning difficulties
  • Develop programs of learning activities tailored to individuals
  • Make use of special facilities and/or equipment
  • Liaise with parents, external agencies and a range of other professionals, such as speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and educational psychologists
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