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Hospitality careers allow you to work in a diverse setting where no two jobs are ever the same. You can find hospitality jobs all around the world, landing employment in a wide variety of areas from food and beverage management to operations and events, or you can use your knowledge to start your own hospitality venture.

Food and Beverage Manager

Supervise kitchen and bar personnel in large-scale establishments.

Combine your hospitality knowledge with business acumen in the development and management of menus and promotions, hiring staff to meet demand, co-ordinating large-scale functions, and analysing the data of labour and food costs. You will find work in a variety of establishments: hotels, large-scale hospitality establishments, catering companies or any major operation which provides food service, such as airlines.

What does a Food and Beverage Director do?

  • Take a leading role in delivering amazing dining experiences in larger-scale environments
  • Get creative in designing menus that are both profitable and satisfying
  • Strategise and develop eye-catching food and beverage promotions
  • Analyse industry trends and competition to keep establishments competitive

Operations Manager

Spend your days ensuring all the elements that make a hotel or a restaurant great are running to plan.

Bring it all together as an Operations Manager. You will have a hand in human resources, public relations, food services, sales and finances – and that’s just for starters. This is the ideal role for someone who loves to be across every aspect of a hospitality business, with no problem too big or small.

What does an Operations Manager do?

  • Develop and review strategies in ensuring smooth and successful operations
  • Support your team in providing excellent service to patrons
  • Implement research and development in constant search of improvements
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of your organisation at every level

Restaurant Manager

Take responsibility for leading restaurants to profitability and critical acclaim.

As a Restaurant Manager, you will take responsibility for customer service, food quality and the running of day-to-day operations, including staffing. From buzzing and bustling eateries to award-winning fine dining establishments, Restaurant Managers have a variety of employment opportunities to pick from.

What does a Restaurant Manager do?

  • Take responsibility for the profitability of the restaurant
  • Manage day-to-day running of the restaurant, including the hiring and training of staff
  • Support your team in providing excellent service to patrons
  • Plan menus, order supplies, manage budgets and resolve customer issues

Banquet or Functions Supervisor

Encourage celebration with unforgettable events and extensive food options.

Banquet or Function Supervisors work with customers to create an unforgettable experience, bringing their event to life. You will ensure everything is delivered perfectly on their day, including food scheduling and dietary requirements, audio requests and music preparations, as well as the overall customer experience.

What does a Banquet or Functions Supervisor do?

  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers in planning layout and set-up of venue
  • Oversee function operations and ensure everything is going to plan
  • Manage food scheduling and dietary requirements
  • Take responsibility for staffing, including training and mentoring

Hospitality Entrepreneur

Be your own boss by creating your own hospitality venue or business.

The hospitality industry provides numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship. Enter the restaurant industry and start your own food and beverage venture, join the world of events with your own catering company, drive innovation in your own hotel or take your entrepreneurial mindset into consulting and influence established hospitality enterprises.

What does a Hospitality Entrepreneur do?

  • Start up and manage your own venue or other type of hospitality business
  • Help drive innovations within existing establishments
  • Consult with other hospitality professionals on creating relevant strategies
  • Create original and exciting hospitality concepts and promotional ideas
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