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As businesses transition into the online and/or software space, digital transformation careers are becoming more important to a range of industries. Established companies who are realigning their practices and start-ups looking to futureproof from the beginning are both strong sources of digital transformation jobs.

Digital Transformation Leader

Reimagine the business model to help organisations to upgrade their systems.

Digital Transformation Leaders help organisations update their business processes to reflect 21st century technology and user expectations. This includes elements such as data management, communications, sales and customer experience. You will help established organisations upgrade from analogue processes to digital ones, or futureproof new companies from day one.

What does a Digital Transformation Leader do?

  • Use digital technologies to create new products, more efficient business processes, improve customer experiences and increase workplace efficiency
  • Create new avenues for customer interaction by developing online communication and support
  • Increase workplace efficiency with innovations such as easily searchable customer records
  • Upgrade work culture by shifting away from the analogue and into the digital sphere

Solution Architect

Assess a business’s current computer systems then design and develop new ones.

Solution Architects develop methods of improving workplace productivity, lowering operation costs and providing stable environments for an organisation’s IT team. This involves integrating hardware into existing set-ups, creating new components or even redeveloping entire systems.

What does a Solution Architect do?

  • Work behind the scenes in business environments, discovering issues and developing new systems
  • Communicate solutions to clients and stakeholders from non-tech backgrounds
  • Create strategies and develop proofs-of-concept to further the upgrade process
  • Oversee projects, identifying issues as they arise and actively seeking responses

Digital Project Manager

Drive e-projects and lead a team to deliver digital solutions for a business.

Digital Project Managers are responsible for strategising, implementing and managing digital initiatives within an organisation. You will liaise with stakeholders in developing scope, secure funding from higher-ups and manage a team of professionals to meet budget and deadlines. You will find jobs managing projects for websites, mobile apps and in larger-scale digital environments such as e-sport leagues and online concerts.

What does a Digital Project Manager do?

  • Work alongside clients to determine realistic and achievable project scope
  • Break down projects into actionable tasks, allocating duties to various team members
  • Ensure work is progressing in line with expectations, adjusting timelines where necessary
  • Make progress reports and presentations for clients, detailing any barriers or issues
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