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  • Creativity
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
Torrens Open Day 2018

Are you ready to make your difference?

Torrens University Australia is different from all other universities in Australia. Torrens aims to make higher education more than just the production of future academics; it aims to create global leaders.

At Torrens, we want the same for all our staff as we want for our students; we want you to be better because of your time at Torrens. Hone your skill set and further develop new attributes so that the next chapter of your life is more productive than ever.

As a unique tertiary education provider in Australia, Torrens must lead by example and never be afraid to embrace new ideas, techniques, technologies, processes and people in order to achieve the highest of echelons of global education excellence.

We will always encourage new ways of working and thinking in our staff so that we can always achieve greater and greater heights with every graduating student. All our staff and students are industry engaged and working in a truly digital age.


  • Care about the world and yourself – Work in a team of people who are focused on the greater good but are also dedicated to fulfilling their own ambitions inside and outside work
  • Become an internationalist – Seek out and connect with other professionals and academics on a global scale through the Laureate International Universities network
  • Global innovation – Help grow Torrens and reach its goal of being a respected and innovative university that launches global leaders… one of them could be you!
  • Workplace benefits – Volunteer leave, annual leave extensions, salary sacrificing, and health and fitness discounts are all part of our picture

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