Meet our 2021 Bright Awards winners


We’re looking for the passionate, the creative and the proud to be the next Bright Awards winners!

We have students at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia working on projects in gaming, software engineering, interior design, graphic design, fashion and so much more. We exist in a whirlwind of creativity, passion and excitement, and we’re constantly inspired by the work of our students – their sheer passion, imagination and talent is something we want to see more of.

What are the Bright Awards?

We introduced the Bright Awards to give a platform for emerging talent in Australia to express themselves, and to gain confidence in adventuring into a career in design and creative technology.

The Bright Awards are a nation-wide creative arts competition designed specifically for high school students in years 10, 11 and 12. Explore our 2021 winners' work and learn more about their Bright Awards experience.

The Bright Awards feature eight categories: 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Games, UX & Web Design, Film & Video, Fashion Design, Photography and Interior Design.

Also – we should probably mention that the winners are not only the ones to benefit, they receive a cash prize of $1000 to continue pursuing their creative careers, but their school also receives $3000 to continue providing an environment for emerging talent to exercise their skills in design and creative technology. 

Should you apply for Bright Awards?

Get inspired from our previous winners and learn more about their Bright Awards experience. Follow us on any of our social channels to stay updated with key dates for 2024.

Meet our 2021 Bright Awards winners

3D Animation – Samuel Orrego, Crestwood High School

"Winning the Bright Award 2021 for 3D animation has been an amazing experience. It feels great to know that my work on this project has gone recognised and appreciated. I can ensure that this achievement will motivate me to continue making more works in the future."

Fashion – Tahlia Lee, Mount St Benedict College

"Framed by the word dichotomy, my work focused on culminating masculinity and femininity through specific design elements alike corsetry and suiting. This work experienced many tribulations with several pattern iterations needing to be done to ensure the conjunction of these elements were possible and various techniques implemented to create the finished product. Winning this award was an unexpected but exhilarating surprise after a lengthy HSC year, giving me increased confidence in my own work as I move into tertiary studies."

Fashion Category | Tahlia Lee 

Film and Video – Brady O'Sullivan, Balgowlah Boys Campus

"My film was inspired by the fantastical nature of science fiction story telling which can transport audiences into a fictitious world. I wanted to create a unique story that explored the curiosity of a teenage boy, presenting the story with cinematic imagery and eye catching visual effects. I am very honoured to win this award, it was an absolute thrilling experience and I am now further motivated to continue creating."

Games – Minalu de Graaf, Lambton High School 

"I've always been fascinated by the expansive and fantastical worlds created by indie-game developers, as their personal passions and perspectives on the world are so beautifully translated into this medium of art. Developing this game concept challenged me deeply as it positioned me to reflect upon how I view this world in order to convey meaning through my passion of world building and environmental storytelling. Experimenting with this art form and scientific concepts to bring my ideas to life was incredibly challenging and required countless sketches and notes to be discarded despite struggling with the year 12 workload. Ultimately, the many hours spent working towards the completion of this project were worth it as I am overjoyed to have won the Games category of the 2021 Bright Awards."

Games | Minalu de Graaf

Graphic Design – Ryan Chamroeun, Wellington Secondary College

"Winning the Bright Awards for Graphic Design was a true blessing. It was an honour to be selected as although I had a passion for Graphic Design, having others within the industry nominate my work had really solidified and encouraged the path I would continue for the future and for that I am heavily grateful."

Graphic Design Category | Ryan Chamroeun 

Interior Design – Angelina Kwok, Balwyn High School

"I am whole-heartedly honoured to be announced the winner of the interior design category of the Bright awards in 2021. This personal project of mine was motivated by my curiosity about Japanese culture and the concept of solitude in the bustling society we currently reside in. The overarching objective of this design was to create a home away from home where residents can fully connect with nature and rediscover meaning in life. Through the use of sustainable materials such as locally sourced wood, I was able to convey a sense of warmth and protection — a warm hearth sheltering weary travellers from harsh weather conditions. I just want to say a huge thanks to my school, teachers and family for being with me every step of the way to enable me to achieve this."

Interior Design Category | Angelina Kwok 

Photography – Isabella Dodd-Wade, Dulwich Hill High School of Visual Arts and Design 

Photography Category | Isabella Dodd-Wade

UX and Web Design – Celine Hernandez, Crestwood High School

"After a long two senior years in and out of lockdowns, it feels incredibly amazing that all my hard work through it has been worthwhile! It was a long, challenging but incredibly fulfilling project that I am exceedingly proud of and I feel is an accurate representation of the work I put in to build my skills across many creative platforms and my passion for not only gymnastics and teaching, but content creation. Winning this award is profoundly rewarding and motivating for future endeavors."

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We’re looking for the passionate, the creative and the proud.

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