Meet our 2022 Bright Awards winners

2022 Bright Awards Winners

We’re excited to showcase the passionate, the creative and the proud 2022 Bright Awards winners!

We have students at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia working on projects in Gaming, Software Engineering, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion and so much more. We exist in a whirlwind of creativity, passion and excitement, and we’re constantly inspired by the work of our students – their sheer passion, imagination and talent is something we want to see more of.

What are the Bright Awards?

We introduced the Bright Awards to give a platform for emerging talent in Australia to express themselves, and to gain confidence in adventuring into a Design and Creative Technology career.

The Bright Awards are a nationwide creative arts competition designed specifically for high school students in years 10, 11 and 12. Explore our 2022 winners' work and learn more about their Bright Awards experience.

This year, the Bright Awards feature nine categories: 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Games, UX & Web Design, Film & Video, Fashion Design, Photography and Interior Design.

The nine category finalists in 2023 will receive a cash prize of $1,000 plus a complimentary Creative Cloud licence in partnership with Adobe to continue pursuing their creative careers. All category finalists will be considered for the Pinnacle Award in Creativity & Innovation Excellence, where you could win a further $1,500, a scholarship to study Design and Creative Technology, and $5,000 for your school to continue providing an environment for emerging talent to exercise their skills in design and creative technology.

Should you apply for the Bright Awards?

Entries are now closed for 2023. Meet our previous winners and learn more about their Bright Awards experience.

Meet our 2022 Bright Awards winners

3D Animation – Joshua Djordjevic, Killara High School

Judges comment "The winner for the 2022 Bright Awards for 3D Animation is Joshua Djordjevic of Killara High School. "Left Un-touched" showcases the combined creative and technical skills needed by the next generation of 3D professionals. This resulted in a visually engaging project, that in the past, would have required several 3D artists to create. Joshua's continued passion for proceduralism, scripting and experimentation will not only see him excel in different areas in 3D production but also allow him to develop unique forms of visual expression through technology".

Film and Video – Angus McAlister, Marrickville High School

"Despite the difficulties I faced this year, particularly with COVID and the disruptions it caused during my last year of schooling, I couldn't be happier with how my short film Reverie turned out. I'm thrilled and honoured to be the winner of the Film and Video category for this year's 2022 Bright Awards, and I can't thank Torrens University enough for selecting it; your professional panel of judges has motivated me as a person to take on ventures that I didn't think I could accomplish. However, underneath the tip of the iceberg, one with feelings of delight, accomplishment and relief that I'm sure all of us winners are feeling, it's important to reflect on what got us here: our teachers. Teachers, thank you for being here in the face of uncertainty, motivating us as students to work our hearts out to reach the light at the end of the tunnel."

Judges comment "With his short film, Reverie, Angus McAlister has captured a compelling underlying allegory that tugs at the heartstrings. The use of visual effects is impressive and while his film leans heavily upon the technical side of film making Angus demonstrates a level of maturity as a storyteller. The attention to detail is excellent. Camera movement, shot composition, lighting, sound mixing, locations and the clever use of visual effects makes eleven minutes feel like two. This is a short film to be proud of".

Games – Quincy Waugh, Killara High School

"I have always been interested in the world of games and the process of creating them. In recent years I have spent time learning a range of skills including programming, modelling, and animating to achieve my goal of creating a game of my very own. Developing my game “Speedway” was a task I undertook for my year 12 industrial technology multimedia major project where I received an Intech and Shape nomination for my work. I am more than thrilled to have won the 2022 Bright Awards games category as it has been an amazing experience and further encouraged me to keep working at my passion for creating games".

Judges comment "Excellent work in creating a full featured racing game with multiple modes, various vehicles and A.I components. Making games is a multi-disciplined field and you've shown an aptitude and understanding here for how to bring these disciplines together into a cohesive product. Well done."

Graphic Design – Abbey Meagher, Our Lady of Sion College

"Burnt Out” is a zine I created to inspire young women to seek help and create change. It has been designed to highlight the challenges young woman face in their late teens and sets out to normalise these challenges. I had so much enjoyment creating my Zine with my friends and family and am really proud of my final. I am so honoured to have my work recognised by Industry Experts at Torrens University, I still can’t believe it and feel privileged to have won this award".

Abbey Meagher (Graphic Design Bright Awards)

Judges comment "A thoughtful and well-presented submission that shows a welcome cross-disciplinary ability. Accompanying rationale and supporting material shows professionalism, maturity and a good understanding of design principles – Well done!"

Interior Design – Audrey Kennedy, Abbotsleigh Senior College

Angelina Kwok (Interior Design Bright Awards)

Judges comment "What was immediately impressive about Audrey's submission was the amount of work she had put into research and investigation of why a project like this was necessary. Thinking about population type and size, housing affordability, and the quality of living spaces has lifted this project from a surface-level design submission to a much richer housing solution. Materials and planning have all been considered, and this has resulted in a really great design outcome. I really encourage Audrey to keep investigating design problems like this as I think her solutions could be a really positive contribution to the way the design and construction industry tackle them. Congratulations".

Photography – Claudia Kritzler, MLC Burwood

Claudia Kritzler (Photography Bright Awards)

Judges comment "Worthy concept development supported by well-considered research and narrative. Notable lighting and post-production techniques".

UX and Web Design – Adam Donaldson, NBSC Balgowlah Boys Campus

Judges comment "Exceptional outcome. A fully 3D website that has multiple pages including PHP driven login site. Very well done, and shows great creativity and exploration. 3D websites will be important moving into the future with metaverse driven applications".

Fashion – Alyshia Zografakis, St Spyridon College

Alyshia Zografakis (Fashion Bright Awards)

Judges comment "Alyshia Zografakis presented an obviously personal but very practical and thoughtful solution to problems faced by survivors of Breast Cancer".

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