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Applying through a Tertiary Admissions Centre? Find out how to navigate your way through the application process, including preferences and offers.

Why preference Torrens University?

At Torrens University Australia, we believe that education is a lifelong journey. What you choose to study at university is the start of your journey as an adult learner and your choice should not be dictated by an ATAR mark that you earned in high school. That’s why your ATAR isn’t important to us. For entry into our courses, all you need is your Year 12 certificate.* And here are some more reasons to study with us.

*Exceptions may apply to some courses.

Torrens University

Top 10 for teaching quality

Undergraduates ranked us 10th in Australia for teaching quality out of 42 Universities.*

Torrens University

#1 fastest-growing university in Australia

We attracted more new students than any other university and achieved the highest growth rate among returning students from 2017 to 2022. (Dept. of Education).*

Torrens University

Ultimate flexibility

Customise your course and study online, on campus or a blend of both.*

Torrens University

On-demand learning

24/7 access to your course content when you need it.*

Explore Tertiary Admissions Centres

Tertiary Admissions Centres are administrating bodies that receive and process applications for most universities in each state and territory. As a national university, Torrens University Australia provides prospective students with a range of application pathways, including TACs across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

  • New South Wales: Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)

    Apply through UAC

    You can apply through UAC to study all of the undergraduate courses offered at our Sydney campuses (Surry Hills, Ultimo and Leura) and online.

    You can also apply directly to Torrens University for all courses.

  • Victoria: Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC)

    Apply through VTAC

    You can apply through VTAC to study most of our undergraduate courses offered at our Melbourne campus (Flinders Street) and online.

    Year 12 students in Victoria must apply through VTAC for all courses except:

    • Diploma of Nursing
    • Bachelor of Nursing

    For these two courses you can apply directly to Torrens University.

  • Queensland: Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC)

    Apply through QTAC

    You can apply through QTAC to study all our undergraduate courses offered at our Brisbane campuses (Bowen Terrace and Gotha Street) and online.

    You can also apply directly to Torrens University for all courses.

  • South Australia: South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC)

    Apply through SATAC

    You must apply through SATAC to study the following undergraduate courses offered at our Adelaide campus:

    • Bachelor of Business
    • Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship)
    • Bachelor of Business (Event Management)
    • Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)
    • Bachelor of Business (Information Systems)
    • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
    • Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)
    • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
    • Bachelor of Community Services
    • Bachelor of Cybersecurity
    • Bachelor of Information Technology
    • Diploma of Business
    • Diploma of Business (Hospitality Management) 
    • Diploma of Business Information Systems 
    • Diploma of Cybersecurity
    • Diploma of Event Management
    • Diploma of Information Technology
    • Diploma of Marketing

    For online study and all other courses you can apply directly to Torrens University.


In your TAC application, you can apply to more than one course within one application by selecting multiple courses (up to five to eight, depending on the TAC) as your preferences. You do not need to select multiple courses; you can choose only one course. You can also choose the same course with different intakes (start dates) as different preferences.

It is important to put your first-choice course as your highest preference, as the offers will be made to your highest preference first. If you are not offered a place in your first preference, you’ll be considered for your second preference, and so on.

  • Change of preference

    You can add, remove or rearrange your course preferences through your TAC application in your desired order. You can change your preferences as many times as you like by logging into your TAC application portal.

    It is important to update your preferences after you receiver your year 12 results and before and after each offer round to ensure you maximise your chances of receiving an offer to your most desired course.

  • Change of preference period

    There is a small window between each offer round where you can update your preferences. Please refer to TAC websites for date and times to ensure you change your course preferences in time as the TACs usually close change of preferences for each offer round a few days before offers are released.

    You can reach out to the respective TAC support team or contact us to discuss the best way to order your preferences.


TACs release offers to applicants as part of their scheduled offer rounds. You can find the dates for these on TAC websites. It is important that Year 12 students are aware of key offer rounds scheduled after their Year 12 results are released.

How to manage university offers

Torrens University manages TAC offers with a two-step communication process.

  1. Notification of offer through the TAC: When you are successful in your application to a Torrens University course, the relevant TAC will send you a notification of offer as part of their scheduled offer rounds.

  2. Official letter of offer from Torrens University: Following the TAC offer round, we will send another letter of offer to the email address registered to your TAC application. This letter of offer will contain all necessary information about your course, start dates, fees and enrolment.
How to manage University offers
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